What The 2018 All-Star Game Means For Baseball


Baseball is not one of America’s flashiest sports. It’s our oldest and most beloved pastime. But things are slowly changing. In a world with a shortening attention span that loves entertainment to be fast paced and exciting, baseball is learning to step it up.

Fans want things to happen quickly nowadays. The MLB has shortened the time between innings, or at least tried to, and given pitchers a limited time between pitches. And for a couple years now at the Home Run Derby, players no long have 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible, they now merely have four minutes to make the magic happen.

At this summer’s Home Run Derby, D.C. favorite Bryce Harper took home the titles to a stadium full of happy Nationals fans. The All-Star game didn’t disappoint in terms of long-ball action either. The two teams combined for 10 homeruns in the American Leagues 8-6 victory. The flip side is that there were also 25 strikeouts in the game. It seems that with more homeruns and more strikeouts, baseball is losing some of its excitement.

What Is The MLB Doing To Retain Viewers?

Baseball doesn’t have the starts that other sports do. There’s no baseball version of LeBron James that’s all over the media. There’s no Tom Brady with a successful TV show on the side. Perhaps to make up for this and to help market the sport, the All-Star game employed some new frills.

They had players wearing microphones during the game so viewers could hear what was going on in the dugout. There were players taking selfies, and players tweeting during the game as well. Major League Baseball appears to be worried that fans will lose interest in the sport itself.

Players are now being encouraged to market themselves on social media and have more of a presence. Is it possible that selfies will become a part of baseball’s regular season? Well, it’s not likely. The All-Star game is always a chance for players to unwind and have a bit of fun during a stressful season. But it does remain to be seen what changes the MLB will make in order to keep relevant.

In order to stay interesting to younger fans especially, baseball may have to step it up in the marketing department. The youngest generation just doesn’t seem thrilled will a game dominated by strikeout, homeruns, and little in between.


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