76’s Embiid In Good Spirits


Teams across the NBA have been making move in the offseason. Some try to acquire young players to build up their squads while others try to shape more reliable lineups for the 2018 season.

Philadelphia is no different. A contender in this year’s playoff contention that fell short of expectations, the team is looking to move forward and make it to the conference finals this year. Some say that that won’t happen without some help from new players refreshing the roster. But Joel Embiid has a differing opinion. The star center feels his team is good shape going into the 2018 season. And he isn’t afraid to share his point of view.

Embiid’s take

Joel Embiid is confident in his 76s. According to him, Philadelphia doesn’t need any new recruits for the coming season. WhiltEmbiid is a budding superstar, it remains that he has had problems with injuries in the past. This has been the first summer that he was consistently healthy for summer ball.

But Embiidis still confident in his team. Perhaps even more so he is confident in himself. He has even made comments about winning the MVP award. Whether Embiid is right or not, the 76s could potentially be headed for a break out season. With the acquisition of Wilson Chandler the Philadelphia squad could be hard to beat.

Wilson Chandler

Wilson Chandler came from the Denver Nuggets. He has experience behind him and solid numbers as a small forward to back it up. He’s a rock at his position and is a stalwart on defense as well as a contributor on offense. He could be the veteran influence that Philadelphia needs right now.

As a young team they are in need of someone to guide them forward. Management hopes that Chandler can be that helping hand.

Embiid In Upcoming Competition

Joel Emiid is known for his smart mouth. But he has numbers to bolster his confidence. He is expected to take the NBA by storm in the coming years. Tomorrow he is going to be playing for Team Africa in the NBA Africa tournament. As an NBA star he is expected to lead his team to success. If he is to keep making claims about the MVP title and his team’s hopes for post season glory, he has to prove himself in this tournament. Whatever happens in the NBA Africa games, it is certain that Philly is going to be a team to watch in 2018.


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