Where Should Antonio Brown Go?


Antonio Brown is leaving Pittsburgh, but no one can say for sure where he is going. The 31-year-old receiver is still a hot commodity even at his age. He’s an explosive player who frequently makes big plays. The next team with Antonio Brown on its roster can expect huge gains when he’s thrown the ball.


Last year Brown had six catches that he turned into 40-yard plays. He’s certainly a good guy to have around and various teams are vying to pick him up. But where does Brown want to go? Which team makes the most sense for him?

Brown’s Options

Brown seems to have three main options at this point: Tennessee, Oakland, and Washington. Each team has something different to offer Brown while he has one thing to offer: offense. But Brown fits into each possible team a little bit differently so we may be able to predict where he could end up.


The Titans are a team that has struggled offensively in recent years. But Tennessee favors the run over the pass. This might not be a great fit for Brown. So while he might be able to help the Titans’ offense quite a bit, he might not see as many targets if he ends up playing in Tennessee.


The Raiders are in great need of a strong wide receiver. If Brown were to go to Oakland, he could be their guy. He could be the go-to receiver in the offense.


Washington wants a player who can score touchdowns. That’s something that Brown can do for them. If he winds up in Washington, he could be the guy they look to in the red zone.

In the end, it’s hard to say what the best option for Brown is. But if he wants to play for a strong offense that knows how to play to his strengths, Washington is his best bet.


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