Baseball Goes to London


The NFL and the NBA have been enjoying international fan bases in recent years and even playing some games overseas. The MLB is finally following suit. The Red Sox and Yankees are set to play each other in London this season and the response couldn’t be better.

Fans from almost every state in America and over two-dozen countries have already ordered tickets. Tickets officially sold out in December but they’ve been able to increase the capacity of the stadium and an extra few thousand tickets are now on sale.

The series is slated for the end of June and is to be held at the Olympic Stadium in London. The facility was build for the 2012 Olympics and is now home to the soccer team West Ham United.


Big News for Baseball

Baseball is losing popularity in America, so this series in London could be a big deal for the league. International fans may not be able to replace U.S. ones, but increased viewership on any level helps.

It’s not an accident that the Red Sox and Yankees were the ones chosen for the series. It is the biggest rivalry in baseball and in any American sport, for that matter. And the Red Sox are the reigning World Series champs. So the league has chosen wisely and no doubt can benefit from selling tickets and merchandise overseas.

If all goes well, playing in England could become a regular event. For east coast teams like Boston and New York, flying to London is no more of an ordeal than going out to L.A. or San Francisco.

The games may be played in a different time zone but make no mistake, U.S. fans are excited to see their teams play abroad. If this is what baseball looks like in the modern era, then fans are in for a treat.


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