Baseball is Back


The baseball season is getting underway this week and the experts have weighed in on their picks for the top teams in 2019. It may be a new year but not a lot has changed in terms of who’s who in the MLB. The top picks for World Series contenders may not surprise you.


The Defending Champs

It’s hard not to put the World Series Champions at the top of the list. The Red Sox had a great season last year and there’s no reason to think they can’t do it again. We may never see another 108-win season but that shouldn’t be necessary.

The Sox may run into some trouble winning the division this year, with a Yankees team that’s in better shape. But going from world champs to missing the playoffs is an unlikely story.

The Yankees’ Shot

The Yankees always seem to have a shot at the Series. Two years ago they almost made it to the World Series, losing in the ALCS. This past season they lost to the Red Sox in the division series.

So this season the Yanks better come out with a chip on their shoulder and set their sights on winning the division. It’s concerning that one of their starters, Louis Severino, is already dealing with shoulder issues. But it’s early days yet and this may not prove to be a big issue.

National League Favorite

Last season, Dodger fans thought they’d have something to celebrate after a World Series drought that goes all the way back to 1988. But unfortunately for them, Boston dashed their dreams. But L.A. is in the running for the Series again this year.

They have one of the best rosters in baseball and now they’ve added reliever Joe Kelly and center fielder A.J. Pollock to the mix. With more depth in the bullpen and another big bat in the lineup, L.A. may be able to pull it off this year.

Predictions are a dime a dozen and nothing is set in stone. But don’t be surprised to see these three teams making a run for it this fall.

Who’s your World Series favorite?


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