Boston And L.A. In The World Series


Boston-L.A. is always a good matchup. Even if you don’t remember the Larry Bird/Magic Johnson days, if you’re and L.A. or a Boston sports fan, you’ve certainly seen highlights and heard all about it. The Red Sox and Dodgers don’t quite have the storied history that the Celtics and Lakers do but even so, we are about to see the clash of two major sports towns.

And what a series it could be. This year we lucked out and are arguably getting to see the two best teams in the league dual for the World Series title. Both teams had stellar seasons and overcame tough competition in the their conference series against the Brewers and Astros. And this week, we finally get to see who is truly the best in baseball.

Their Last Meeting  

The last time the Red Sox and Dodgers met in the postseason was 102 years ago. This is despite the fact that the Dodger organization has been going since 1884 and the Red Sox since 1901. This last meeting took place when the Dodgers were still the Brooklyn Robins and Babe Ruth was a big Boston star. In fact, in game two of that series, Ruth pitched 14 innings to win the game for the Sox. Boston went on the win the series four games to one.

The 2018 World Series 

According to the Vegas odd-makers, the Red Sox are favored slightly to win the World Series. The first thing to look at is which team is more rested. That would be Boston. The Sox beat the Astros in five games while it took L.A. the full seven to defeat the Brewers. This means that the Dodgers are likely to be a bit more tired than Boston going into the World Series. Where this matters most is the pitching staff. Rest is a big advantage when it comes to pitching. Every extra day off that a pitcher gets is another day he rest his arm and prepare for his next start. So, the Sox having a few extra days off is nothing to sneeze at.

In Favor Of The Red Sox 

The Sox won 108 games this regular season. That is unheard of in Major League Baseball. To stop a team with that much power is difficult if not impossible to do. The Red Sox also made it past two stellar teams in the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros.

Boston’s success is owed to the all around solid nature of the team. They have a good lineup through and through, they are great on defense, and they have good starting pitching. The one hole might be their bullpen but so far they’ve been good enough to get the Sox this far.

In Favor of The Dodgers  

The Dodger may not have won over 100 games this season but they were close to it. Add to that the fact that they haven’t won the World Series in several decades, and you’ve got a team with momentum and a reason to win. When looking at pitcher to hitter matchups, the Dodgers may have the advantage over the Sox. Boston is better this year against right-handed pitchers, so the Dodgers lefties may have a leg up on the Boston hitters. Likewise, the Dodgers’ lineup is heavily left-handed which may be a good thing against Boston’s right-handed relievers. It may seem trivial, but matchups can really make a difference.

A World Series To Remember  

Regardless of how things go in the series, many experts are predicting a six or seven game series this year. I think we can expect some spectacular baseball. Perhaps we could even see something rivaling the last time these two teams met when Babe Ruth was on the mound.


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