Brock Holt Hits For The Cycle


The Red Sox look poised to take the American League Division Series from New York. With great performances all around from Boston, it is hard to zero in on someone who has stood out for the Sox in their first playoff series of 2018. But if we can point to anyone, perhaps it is second baseman Brock Holt.

Brock Has the Game of His Life

It is perfect timing for Holt to have his best hitting performance ever. Against the age-old rival, the New York Yankees, Holt became the first player ever to hit for the cycle in a postseason game.

In the ninth inning of game three of the series, Holt knocked one over the right field wall to add a homer to his single, double, and triple. This put the Sox up 16-1 in a decisive victory over the Yanks.

There have been thousands of playoff games in the history of the MLB. There have been 1,562 to be exact. And somehow, there has never been a hitter who has hit for the cycle. Sure, plenty of guys have done it during the regular season. But come crunch time, no one seems able to deliver in October.

The Sox in the ALDS

Brock’s amazing performance in game three helped the Red Sox to their second largest win ever in playoff history. Number one came in 1999 against the Cleveland Indians. That game they won 23-7.

Now the Sox are looking at taking the ALDS from the Yankees and moving on to the American League Championship Series. Perhaps after Holt’s amazing performance he might see more playing time. He did not start in the first two games of the series. But Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, needed some more power in the lineup and wanted another left-handed bat as well. He looked no further than the second baseman.

Holt, of course, didn’t disappoint. Batting in the number seven slot he went four for six with three runs and five RBIs. He got things rolling in the fourth inning with a lead off single to center field. The Sox went on to score seven runs that inning, blowing the game wide open.

The Sox are looking good this far in the series. They are the clear favorites over New York. If Cora keeps Holt in the lineup, and Holt’s bat stays hot, the Yankees have just one more thing to worry about on Tuesday night.


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