Could The Browns Turn It Around In 2018?


The Cleveland Browns are coming off the worst season possible in 2017. The team somehow managed not to win a single game last year. Fans are hopeful that the team could at least put up a couple W’s but can they really turn it around and make a splash? We’ve seen plenty of comeback stories over the years. Just look at the 1999 Colts or the 2008 Dolphins.

The Browns are likely to come out this season with a massive chip on their shoulder. With a few additions to the team, a new attitude might be what it takes to turn the team around. No one is saying that the Browns could be the team to beat. But perhaps they could have a 500 season.

What Are The Browns’ Chances?

According to ESPN’s Football Power Index, the Browns have a 55% chance of winning six games this season. Six wins would be two games shy of 500 but a big leap up from zero. And there is some precedence for making a six game jump from one season to the next. It has happened many times in the history of the NFL so why couldn’t it happen for the Browns?

Surprisingly, it is luck that may have the biggest impact on the Browns’ upcoming season. With a zero-win season last year it would be incredibly unlucky to have another terrible showing this year. Over the years, teams tend to even out in terms of winning seasons and losing seasons. That’s why the Football Power Index has the Browns improving more than any other team this year. After all, they have the largest room for improvement in the entire league.

But not only that, the Browns did not play like a team that deserved to win zero games. Based on their Football Power Index from last season, the Browns should have won about four or fives games, still not a great record, but a hell of a lot better than going winless.

How Did The Colts And Dolphins Do It?

For these two success stories it comes down to coaching and quarterbacks. In 1999 the Colts hitched their wagon to the rising star of a young Peyton Manning. His second year in the league (’99) turned out to be a big one. He is given the credit for turning the Colts into the powerhouse they became.

In 2008 the Dolphins acquired quarterback Chad Pennington who boosted their offense a great deal. Their newfound success can also be attributed to quarterback coach David Lee who introduced the Wildcat offense to the team.

Tyrod Taylor

Just like the two aforementioned teams, the Browns now have quarterback Tyrod Taylor. They picked him up from the Bills this year in hopes that he can turn things around. And there is reason to believe he can. He is not the flashiest quarterback but he’s solid in terms of ball control and a huge bonus: he can run.

It won’t be an easy task for Taylor to turn this team around. But in the coming years the Browns could be a very different team.


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