Who Can Replace Tom Brady?


It’s no secret that Tom Brady is getting older. He’s given a generation of Patriots fans a lot to cheer about. New England has been a contender for the Super Bowl every year since Brady came of the scene. This season he has looked good so far but how long can it last? It’s rare for quarterbacks to play much in their 40s and Brady is already there.

It’s possible that Tom has another year in him, perhaps some hopeful Patriots fans are thinking two. But sooner or later, and it’s likely to be sooner, Brady has to be replaced.

Coach Belichick is not one to keep players around after they’ve passed their peak. He’s the kind of cutthroat coach that gets rid of players the second he can find someone better. It’s hard to imagine him doing this with New England’s beloved Tom Brady. But chances are that even the legendary Brady can’t escape Bellichick’s no-nonsense approach.

Can Belichick Find A Replacement For Brady? 

It may be impossible to find someone that fits into Belichick’s offensives schemes as well as Brady has. But when the time comes for Brady to retire, who could possibly fill his shoes?

The answer could be Aaron Rodgers. This may come as a surprise. After all, Rodgers is an established quarterback who has won a Super Bowl and is widely recognized as one of the best in the league. Signing Rodgers would be the opposite of Belichick’s approach with Brady which was to have him learn the system from the ground up as a young quarterback on the bench and step up when the team needed him.

However, Belichick has perfected his system around Brady over the last 16 seasons. So maybe a veteran quarterback could slide into an already well-oiled machine. Rodgers could be the perfect fit. Even Brady has remarked about how Rodgers is the more talented of the two. Brady is notorious for keeping calm in the pocket but lacking a running game. Rodgers is more athletic. He’s also only 34 years old. He’s potentially got a few good years of football left before he retires.

Sunday Night Matchup  

On Sunday night, Brady and Rodgers go head to head. Commentators have been talking about the game in terms of the best quarterback going up against the most accomplished quarterback. And who is who? Of course, Brady is the most accomplished quarterback of all time, and Rodgers is currently the best, so the experts say.

A big difference in the accomplishments of Brady and Rodgers is the coaches they’ve played for. Few can argue that Belichick is not the greatest coach in NFL history. So Brady has had the clear advantage in terms getting to Super Bowls and winning them. If Rodgers is clearly the better player, there’s no telling what he could have accomplished under a coach like Belichick. 

How Might Rodgers Do Under Belichick?

Belichick has always coached quarterbacks who are on the less athletic side, Brady being the latest one. So, what might it be like for Belichick to have a guy on his side who could really run? Rodgers has had eight seasons of rushing more than 200 yards and four seasons of over 300 yards. This compared to Brady’s high at 110 is a stark difference. There were in fact seven seasons that Brady didn’t rush above 50 yards.

It’s hard to believe that Belichick isn’t tempted by a player like Rodgers. And Belichick, at the top of his field, as the best coach in the NFL, can have his pick of quarterbacks. After all, who passes up the opportunity to play for Belichick? It may not be next season, but don’t be surprised to see Rodgers in a Patriots uniform in the coming years.


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