Chris LeVert Leaves Court On A Stretcher


Shooting guard Chris LeVert, of the Brooklyn Nets, sustained a serious injury in the second quarter of the game tonight against the Minnesota Timberwolves. LeVert is having a great start to the season, leading the Nets in scoring thus far. But after tonight, it may be a long time before he is back on the court.

LeVert suffered a serious injury to his right leg and had to be taken off the court on a stretcher. This is a big blow for the Nets. They drafted LeVert three years ago at 20th overall out of Michigan. There has been talk this season that LeVert could earn the Most Improved Player award in 2018/2019.

It’s too early to say what may happen with LeVert’s injury in terms of how soon he can recover. But it isn’t a good sign that LeVert was not able to leave the court on his feet. 

Support From Other Players  

The NBA is an extremely competitive league and players are doing whatever they can to win. That being said, players often support one another through injuries. No one likes to see another guy get hurt. Many players have taken to Twitter in the hours since the injury to support LeVert during his crisis. Chris Paul said his prayers go out to LeVert and that he hates to see a player get hurt like that.

The New York Knicks tweeted that they were behind him as a fellow New Yorker. The Michigan basketball team, LeVert’s alma-mater, tweeted that the Michigan family is still with LeVert and is praying for his swift recovery. The Nets of course, also tweeted that their prayers are with LeVert.

It’s encouraging to see that the whole league seems to be wishing Chris LeVert well. We hope he is able to recover quickly and keep scoring points for the Nets.


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