Which Cities Might Get Teams In Coming Years


It’s not often that leagues add an expansion team. But there are often rumors about new teams popping up. And this year the rumors of expansion teams are not limited to the US.

American sports are getting more popular world-wide, well at least in some countries. So it’s possible that in the coming years we may see American franchises start teams in Mexico, Canada, or maybe even countries outside of North America.

Let’s Start With Football

Believe it or not, there has been talk of starting a team in London. Jacksonville Jaguar’s owner Shad Khan has been making inquiries into buying Wembley Stadium. But there are many barriers to a team being based in London. Well, one main barrier: distance. Traveling across the Atlantic regularly would not be feasible. It would be too time consuming for a team to fly to and from London every week. This would mean that a practice facility in the US would be necessary.

It’s hard to imagine a franchise thinking it pertinent create a situation in which a team had to split time between the US and England. But as the world of sports becomes more and more globalized it seems that anything is possible.

What’s more likely than a team in London is one south of the boarder in Mexico. It’s been suggested that Mexico City could be a possible location. Mexico City makes a lot more sense because it’s not much farther for an east coast to travel to Mexico than it is to the west coast.

On To Baseball

Many in Montreal were sad to see the Expos leave. In fact, they still have a fan base that wants to seem them come back. The issue at the moment is that the mayor of Montreal is not in favor of bringing a franchise to the city. But that of course could change with the next election. Montreal is a good location for a baseball team given the density of the city and its past with baseball. For the sake of the fans we can only hope that baseball returns to Montreal.

What About Hockey?

Houston has been posited as a possible new site for an NHL franchise. The city is booming, and with one of the most diverse populations in the country they have the potential for a significant fan base.

The owner of the Houston Rockets has expressed interest in starting a hockey team in the city. To make it easier, there is already an arena, the Toyota Center, that is equipped for hockey. Houston even has a past with hockey. In the 1970s the city had a WHA team. Up until 2013 the city also had an AHL team. So Houston is primed and ready for an NHL team.

Whether we see a new football team in England or Mexico, a baseball team returning to Montreal, or Houston’s first ever NHL team, 2018 has the chance to be a big year for expansion teams.


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