Clemson Beats Alabama In National Championship


There may be many bowl games in college football but there is only one national championship. This year it was Clemson that took home the glory. Ranked at number two, they took on the number one, Alabama. There was no question that these were the two top teams in college football this year. Almost all experts agreed that this was the matchup the country needed to see.

Well things didn’t turn out exactly as expected. Instead of a close, nail-biter, between two evenly matched teams, we saw a blowout that favored the Clemson side by a heavy margin. Even the experts can get it wrong sometimes. And no one can predict how any given team might play on any given day. That being said, this lopsided game still had some spectacular plays and was well worth watching.

Alabama’s Mistakes   

Clemson certainly looked good out there. But it didn’t hurt that Alabama made mistake after mistake. They just seemed a bit off. They had a tough time getting much going on offense and only scored a measly 16 points; not a great showing for the number one team in the country.

But it wasn’t just Alabama’s offense that lost them the game. Sure, the offense turned the ball over on downs a few times. But two of these times, the defense let Clemson march down the field for a touchdown. The Alabama defense just didn’t seem to have an answer for quarterback Trevor Lawrence and his elite group of wide receivers. Justyn Ross was particularly impressive, making one-handed catches, and routinely beating the Alabama secondary.

Alabama also had some unfortunate penalties that cost them yards and they even messed up a fake field goal attempt. Nothing went right for the Alabama boys today and the score sure showed it. Clemson came out on top 44 to 16.

The Alabama And Clemson Rivalry  

These two schools have a storied rivalry and it’s only getting more intense. The past four years (this year now included), either Clemson or Alabama has won the national championship. They have each now won two. Things may have been lopsided in tonight’s game, but the two programs are typically closer than that. They even have the same record over that past four seasons: 55-4. Going head to head in the playoffs they are also tied. Both schools have won twice.

The era of Alabama being the dominant force in college football, with head coach Nick Saban at the helm, is over. Clemson now has to be in any conversation about the top football schools in America.

Trevor Lawrence

Clemson achieved another impressive feat this season. They went a perfect 15-0. This hasn’t been done in 121 years since Penn did it in 1897. And they did it with freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence. A freshman! He sure put Alabama’s quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, in his place.

Lawrence threw for 347 yards in the championship game. He also threw three touchdown passes. Tagovailoa was actually replaced in the fourth quarter by backup Jalen Hurts. If people weren’t talking about Lawrence’s skill before tonight, they sure are now.

The Clemson defense deserves at least as much credit for their success this season as Lawrence and the offense. They were one of the best defenses in terms of intercepting the ball and had the first pick-six in college football playoff history. This Clemson group is sure to have some future NFL stars in the mix. It is not only quarterback Lawrence that is destined for stardom. Clemson has now solidified its place on the map as a school that can churn out top recruits.

Nick Saban and Alabama need to take a look in the mirror and get ready for next season.


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