Colin Kaepernick’s Ongoing Protest


It’s been two years since Kaepernick’s initial protest. He’s spent those two years unsigned by any NFL team. Because he was one of the best quarterbacks in the league, many, including Kaepernick, suspect that there is a conspiracy against him. It’s hard to find a football related reason to explain why no NFL team wants to pick up Kaepernick. He was a solid player and even brought the 49ers to a Super Bowl.

The official position of owners around the league is that each one individually decided not to pick up Kaepernick. But this is somewhat hard to believe considering that he was a top player in a league of 32 teams, some of which have faced uncertainty in the quarterback position.

What is happening to Kaepernick is unprecedented in the NFL. This has led Kaepernick and others to believe that NFL owners have agreed in secret that no one is to pick him up for their roster. But it’s hard to prove a conspiracy like this. So far Kaepernick hasn’t made much headway. But it’s possible that that is about to change.

Going To Court

Kaepernick has long since filed a lawsuit against the NFL, but nothing has come of it. The owners have tried to get it thrown out, but Kaepernick has been persistent. And finally the suit is going to trial. Kaepernick’s lawyers now have the difficult task of proving that there is a league-wide conspiracy against their client. It may be obvious that there is something suspicious going on but it is another thing to prove it.

Adding to the evidence that a conspiracy is taking place is the fact that Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid is also unsigned. Reid was the first player to kneel with Kaepernick and has since been a champion of his cause. It’s hard to explain through reasons related to playing football why these two players cannot find employment.

NFL’s Reaction To The Protests

It’s disappointing how the NFL has reacted to the protests. Instead supporting their players in an effort to speak out against police violence they’ve barred the two most high profile protesters from play. Football is an important part of American culture and it could play an important role in making America a better place for everyone to live.

While it’s sad to see how the NFL has handled the protests it’s heartening to see that Kaepernick’s suit is progressing to trial and may still have a positive result.


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