Defensive Sensation Nick Bosa Enters the Draft


The NFL hasn’t seen a player like Nick Bosa since his brother Joey entered the league. He’s a powerful defensive end with the potential to go number one in the draft. But Bosa’s story is a little bit more complicated than most top prospects. He’s had to overcome a few giant hurdles to get where he is today.


Not long ago, Bosa’s future in football was unknown. Now, with the NFL draft approaching it’s likely he could go in the top five. It’s been rumored that the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49er’s (the first and second team to pick in the draft) are both interested.

Bosa is not all that concerned with when he gets picked. He’s just glad for the chance to be playing football again and this time at the highest level.

Bosa’s Injury

In his junior year at Ohio State, Bosa tore muscles in both the right and left sides of his abdomen. He describes it as the most pain he’s ever been in. He left the game and his season was cut short. There was some hope that he could return but in the end the Buckeyes were disappointed.

His abdomen needed to be repaired surgically, and the family found the best medical care in the country for their son. The doctor gave an estimate of 12 weeks needed for recovery. That meant the Nick couldn’t return for even the playoffs.

At first he hung around at practice after his surgery, watching his teammates from the sidelines. But he soon realized this wasn’t a good use of his time. His coaches wanted him to return to the field of course. But Bosa knew he wasn’t going to make it back before the end of the season. He ultimately decided that it was best for him to leave school and focus on his rehab.

He received a lot of criticism for this move. Many said that he abandoned his team. But the truth is not as simple as that.

Bosa’s Decision to Leave Ohio State

As Bosa tells it, leaving college was not easy for him. He had great respect for his teammates and coaches at Ohio State. But his priority was the NFL draft and getting healthy for it. He knew he didn’t want to come back for his senior year and it wasn’t realistic to think about playing at all again during his junior season.

Bosa’a brother Joey, plays for the L.A. Chargers, and the family decided together that it would be best for Nick to move out to L.A. where he could live with his brother and have access to top training facilities and rehab centers. So Nick cut his college career short and moved back in with his brother, his childhood friend and competitor who has pushed him to become the great football player that he is.

Bosa’s Future in the NFL

Bosa might be picked in the top five if not at one or two. His frame and speed on the field make him a dangerous weapon on defense. He weighs in at almost 270 pounds and can fly at quarterbacks from the outside.

Talent scouts say that Nick may not have the explosive power that his brother Joey does. But Nick has good technique and has time to work on explosiveness in the weight room and on the field as a professional player.

With a mentor like his older brother, Nick is in a good position to rise through the ranks of the NFL. But he isn’t too concerned about all that right now. Bosa is merely excited to continue playing the game he’s loved since he was a little kid growing up in Florida.


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