Eli Manning On The Way Out


It looks like the clock is running out for quarterback Eli Manning. He’s getting older and just not getting the job done for the Giants this year. So far, they are tied for the worst record in the NFL at 1-7. They share this honor with the 49ers, who also have only won one game.

For the past three seasons, the Giants have struggled on offense. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about a change in the quarterback position. Manning is closing in on 38 years old, and his past few seasons have not looked great. Last year his team won only three games. This year they are off to an even worse start. Manning has only thrown eight touchdown passes and has been sacked 31 times.

The Giants are headed into their bye week so this could be a good time to shake things up. They have a good two weeks off to get things together for their Monday night game in San Francisco on November 12th.

Kyle Lauletta  

Lauletta is a fourth round pick out of Richmond. So far this season he hasn’t seen any playing time. And perhaps for good reason. He doesn’t have the strongest arm or the most agility in the pocket. But the Giants need to try something. They have scored more the 20 points in only three of eight games this season. Their offense is really suffering.

Management and players alike have been cagey when asked what they think should be done concerning the quarterback position. It seems that no one wants to say that Manning is out. After all, he has been their franchise quarterback for years now. But perhaps he has run his course in New York.

With Eli Manning faltering in the quarterback position, who is going to answer the Giants’ prayers?


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