Even MORE Sports Trends to Look for in 2018


We recently shared some of the hottest sports trends of 2018. We talked about everything from a better fan experience at sporting events to new sports that are becoming more popular by the day. But, those weren’t all of the sports trends that we found. In fact, we found a lot more! So, thanks to popular demand, we are bringing you even MORE sports trends for 2018. Have you seen any of these? Let us know!

Increased Safety

Americans are always looking for sports to get safer. We want to go to the ballpark or stadium with nothing more to worry about except whether our team is going to win.

You may be able to see some of the developments while some may be hidden. Because of recent incidents with foul balls and broken bats, some baseball stadiums have decided to put more netting up around home plate. Some teams have extended this netting further down the first and third baselines.

Organizations are also cracking down on bad behavior from fans. In order to curtail violent and undesired behavior, many stadiums are installing state of the art surveillance systems. These can include high-resolution cameras and video equipment designed to analyze content in real time. If you go to a game, try to just have fun…not get out of control!

New Era of Season Tickets

It’s getting harder and harder for teams to entice their fans to actually make it out to a game. With the increased comfort and obvious convenience of your home theatre, many fans choose to stay home to watch their favorite teams.

So, some teams are getting creative to attract fans. Some are offering more flexibility with season tickets. Instead of a traditional season ticket holder having all or some of the home game tickets for a particular seat, now you have options. You can pay a set price to have the ability to choose which games you want to attend throughout the season. You can even choose where to sit.

Sports is not just about the games themselves but about the social aspect as well. The stadium is a gathering place for friends, family, and community to come together to support the team they love. So, some organizations are offering standing room only season tickets for tailgating. Now fans can have their very own tailgate spot reserved for them for the whole season.

College Basketball

For many years people have questioned the ethics of college sports. The players are not paid and yet their universities, coaches, and the NCAA make a killing. Some say that this is exploitative, and the players should be paid for playing if there is s profit to be made.

There has been a rule for a few years now that states that high school players cannot enter the NBA draft. They must spend at least one year out of high school before being eligible. This has traditionally meant that players spend one or more years in a college program before going professional.

But with recent outrage over the unfair practice of making money off of students playing for free, some players are choosing a different path. With the emergence of basketball as a world-wide sport, there are more options than ever for a young star. It is likely that we will see more and more players decide to play in Europe, China, or Australia, for a year after high school before entering the NBA draft.

In this way, they still get good coaching and can improve their skills, but they are paid for their work. And after a year they can still pursue a dream in the NBA.

Social Activism in Sports

There are a growing number of athletes speaking out about causes they care about. For a long time in this country we have looked up to athletes but never more so than today when many athletes are simply revered.

So, speaking out can have an impact. But it is not always one that the organizations they play for are crazy about. There were mixed responses from teams about football players kneeling during the national anthem in order to protest police violence. Some teams supported their players while others did not.

The NFL has committed to help in the fight against police brutality but not every team in the league is on board. Some feel that politics should stay out of sports and others feel that it is not possible to separate the two.

Whatever you believe about this issue or any other raised by the athletes we look up to, one thing is clear: activism in sports is here to stay. We can argue about what affect it has and debate the issues themselves, but it is clear now that sports and politics are no longer in two different arenas.


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