What Does The Future Hold For Teddy Bridgewater?


Two years ago Teddy Bridgewater sustained what could have been a career-ending injury. While the quarterback was dropping back to throw a pass during a practice, his knee suddenly buckled. He wasn’t hit by anyone. He hadn’t even thrown the ball yet. It was one of those unexplainable freak injuries. His knee simply gave out.

The whistle was blown and his teammates stopped and stared in horror as their young star quarterback lay writhing in pain on the ground. The ambulance arrived shortly and whisked Bridgewater away to the hospital. His teammates and coaches stopped practice and prayed for their quarterback.

The Extent Of The Injury

Bridgewater didn’t just tare a ligament or break a bone. He completely blew out his entire knee. The doctors who operated on him said his injury looked more like something a soldier would go through than a football injury.

Bridgewater’s ligaments and tendons were shredded, his knee was barely holding together. It ended up taking two surgeries to get him healthy again.

The First Surgery

The first surgery that Bridgewater underwent took an astounding four and a half hours. This initial surgery was meant to stich him back together and stabilized the knee. Of course for week afterward the quarterback was in rehab, learning to walk again and strengthening his muscles.

The Second Surgery

Unfortunately for Bridgewater he would have to go under the knife again. This second surgery was quite a bit shorter but still took doctors an hour to complete. This surgery helped solidify the worked done in the first one and catalyze the healing process.

After more weeks of rehab Bridgewater was feeling better. He could not only walk again but he was getting ready to get back on the field. According to his doctors, only about 25% of football players can come back from an injury as severe as Bridgewater’s. They were happy that he was walking again. Playing football was merely an added bonus.

On To The Jets

Teddy Bridgewater is now healthy and in preseason with the New York Jets. But his future with the team is uncertain. The Jets spent big money to acquire the third overall pick in this year’s draft: Sam Darnold. Now Bridgewater faces steep competition in the quarterback spot.

The irony for the Jets is that for years they couldn’t seem to find the right quarterback to run their offense. Now they have two players capable of doing the job. But Bridgewater is nearing 30, still a young man, but getting up there in football years. So it’s possible we may see the Jets let Bridgewater go. Sam Darnold has his whole career in front of his and the Jets can build their team around him.

After all Bridgewater has overcome, he may struggle this year to find a starting position. Before the preseason is over he may find himself on a different roster. But if anyone can handle uncertainty, it is quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.


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