The Green and Durant Dispute


The spat between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant is now a big conversation in the NBA. The untouchable Golden State Warriors now seem to be faltering, or if not faltering, at least having chemistry problems. Green has called Durant out for focusing more on his free agency than on performing well for the Warriors this season. This is good news for everyone in the league as the Warriors have been the dominant team in recent years.

But for the Warriors it could be the rift that signals the beginning of the end. Golden State have had quite a heroic run but maybe the joining of Curry, Durant, and Green has run its course. Or perhaps not. Those from the Bay Area are certainly hoping not.

Durant and Green  

The dispute on Monday night was over a pass that Green did not make to Durant during the final seconds of the game. Durant felt that he was in the position to shoot a game-winning shot for the Warriors and was upset that Green did not pass the ball. Because Durant was upset at this, Green said some regrettable things to the Warriors’ superstar.

Green accused Durant of caring more about himself and his upcoming free agency than his current team and their chances this season. Durant responded by entering the locker room right after the game and leaving alone before any of his teammates. Durant’s response maybe better understood considering the fact that Green was not very diplomatic when making his complaints against his teammate. Green reportedly used expletives and offensive language when talking to Durant.

So it remains to be seen whether the two can make up and make the best of this season. After all, the Warriors are as good as ever. Even if Durant is on the way out, as Green seems to think, the Warriors are still the front runner to win the finals this year. There are some convincing teams in the East like the Raptors and 76ers but it’s still a long shot to expect them to take down Curry’s Warriors. The question at this point is if Durant and Green can put their differences aside and continue on as the regular season All-Star team that the league knows they can be.

Durant And Green Have A History  

It’s encouraging for Warriors fans to know that Durant and Green have a positive history together. They played for team USA together and Green was instrumental in getting Durant to come play for Golden State after the their 2016 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA finals.

Green, like Curry, understood what it might take to beat LeBron and he very unselfishly made it happen by supporting his teammate and helping the Warriors acquire the missing piece to take over the league as the most dominant team.

Can Green And Durant Reconcile Their Differences?

What happened on Monday night between Green and Durant is not something that any NBA team wants. Division between teammates always causes problems in the locker room if not on the court as well. And because the Warriors decided to suspend Green, things might be even worse now.

But we have to remember that Green and Durant have been a part of something special together. They, along with Curry have been the heart of the Warriors’ dynasty. They’ve won a championship together. That’s a bond that is hard to break. Yes, there were some things said on Monday that created a rift. But at the end of the day, Green and Durant are both high level competitors that want to win and put their team first. That is to say, they’ve have put their team first in the past and reaped the benefits.

Things are rocky for the Warriors at the moment. But if we can count on anything in the NBA, it’s the Warriors producing a championship caliber team come playoff time.


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