Grind Week With Draymond Green


The offseason can be a tough time for players. It’s a time to relax and recuperate after a long season. Playing 62 games at the highest level is enough to tire anyone out. But the offseason is not just for rest. It’s a time to gear up for next year and iron out any problems on the court.

It can be hard for players to find live competition over the summer, outside their team’s training camp. But Draymond Green, forward for the Golden State Warriors has the answer.

Grind Week

Grind Week is a week for players to come together. Players from across the NBA, combined with some from overseas, and some of the best college players convene for a week of training and pick-up games.

Each day starts off with breakfast delivered to the players’ hotel rooms. Then they go to the gym for weightlifting. Afterwards, they are guided in a workout session by pro basketball trainer Trevor Walton. This is followed by games of pick-up basketball. The term pick-up is a bit of a misnomer. These guys are professionals so the games more closely resemble NBA games than playground competitions.

Each day is finished up with shooting drills in the evening as sort of a cool down from the day’s hard work. There is clearly a lot going on in Grind Week to help the basketball player on the court. But the week is about more than just the game.

What Is Grind Week Really About?

Draymond Green was inspired to start Grind Week because early on in his career he went to a similar camp run by former NBA guard Mo Williams. As a young player, Green appreciated the opportunity to spend the week with veteran players as well as some from his own cohort. Green has started his own weeklong training camp in large part to help younger players.

While at Grind Week, the guys not only play together but eat meals together as well. Green is attempting to form bonds across the league. He believes that the camaraderie enjoyed during his camp can help players during the regular season. According to him, friendships are made that are sustained throughout the years. This is very valuable as many players would not otherwise have the chance to interact much with players not on their own teams.

Who Participates?

Green has gotten some big names to come to his week of training. Some of the players from this year include Mario Chalmers, Denzel Valentine, and Isaiah Taylor. Green considers his Grind Week a huge success and is grateful to Mo Williams for giving him the idea and helping him when he was a young player.

When asked about whether Grind Week might continue, Green is adamant. Grind Week is not going anywhere. You can bet that it will be back next summer and probably with more players in attendance. Green’s goal is for players across the league to have each other’s backs. Grind Week is definitely a great place to start.


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