Gronk Still Can Decide About Retirement


If we forget about Tom Brady for a second, Rob Gronkowski has been the lifeblood of the New England Patriots for years now. The powerful tight end has been a fan favorite ever since he had his first 1,000-yard season for the Pats back in 2011. He’s been a consistent target for Brady over the years as many other players have come and gone.


His football skills aside, Gronkowski, affectionately known as Gronk, has been an outspoken and lovable member of the Patriots. After Tom Brady, he’s arguably the most loved player in New England.

So it’s sad news for many that Gronk may be retiring. He has been talking of retirement for a while now. Gronk hinted that the 2018 season might be his last. But so far, he hasn’t given a definitive answer.

At 29-years old, Gronk is not exactly at retirement age. He certainly could have a few good years left. So why quite now? Well, Gronk has had many injuries over the years. Those who watched him this season or any season since 2013, know that he wears a heavy-duty brace on his left arm.

Let’s face it, football is a brutal sport. It takes a toll on the body and the mind. Few players, or perhaps none at all at the professional level, escape the sport without getting concussed. So retiring early may be a good move for Gronk in terms of protecting his health. But when you’re a superstar like he is, and one that just won the Super Bowl, it’s not that easy to give it up.

There is a lot for Gronk to consider and he is taking his time weighing the pros and cons.

Retire Or Keep Playing?

This is not a new question for Gronk. He thinks about retiring after every season, at least in recent years. But now that he’s approaching 30, retirement is getting more and more realistic.

After winning the Super Bowl, he was asked by reporters if the day’s game would be his last. He deflected the question, saying that he didn’t know yet. Another reporter brought up a big hit that Gronk took from two Rams defenders in the second quarter. Gronk didn’t lie. He acknowledged that it hurt. But it’s nothing new of course. Gronk takes big hits every single game. And he’s had more injuries than most.

Before even starting his career in the NFL, he had spine surgery. And it’s been injury after injury with many more surgeries since. This season he missed three games due to tendonitis in his ankle and problems with his back. Playing football is really taking its toll on Gronk. How much longer can he really go on?

Life After Football

Gronk’s string of injuries isn’t the only reason he might want to retire. The famous tight end looks to have a promising career in entertainment. He’s been in commercials and appeared on Wrestlemania. He’s reportedly worked with an acting coach and even filmed an action movie.

Some players keep playing their sport because they don’t know what life holds for them after they retire. It’s not easy to go from playing a sport you love for a living to not having a purpose.

But Gronk doesn’t have that problem. He’s poised to pivot into acting or something else in the entertainment field. He’s already a fan favorite because of his goofy personality and incredible skill. He’s a super hero on the field. Perhaps he could be one in the movies as well. Even if acting isn’t in the cards for Gronk, it’s easy to imagine him as an on air personality. The only question is, is he ready to leave football?


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