Hicks Signs Seven-Year Deal with the Yankees


Center fielder Aaron Hicks just signed a seven-year deal with the New York Yankees. The details are not out yet, but it looks like Hicks is to make upwards of $70 million in the next seven years.


Hicks just had a baby and says that becoming a father helped him make the decision to stay in New York. Hicks was set to be a free agent next offseason which could have created some instability for his family.

So Hicks is excited to be staying in New York long-term and so are the Yankees. Signing a player for $70 million is nothing to sneeze at, even for the richest team in baseball.

Betting On Hicks

It seems that coming to New York has been good for Hicks. His career batting average is only .236 but last season he really turned things around, hitting 27 homeruns with 79 RBIs and 90 runs scored.

Hicks says he owes his recent success to a new training regime and healthier eating. The 29-year old seems to be hitting his stride and just when the Yankees need it. The team isn’t over their loss to the Red Sox in last year’s division series and Hicks isn’t either. His goal is to win a World Series and plans on seeing it through.

The Yankees outfield is looking good now that Hicks is signed to a long-term contract. Along side Aaron Judge, Jacoby Elsbury, and others, the team has a strong group beyond the infield.

Can Hicks Continue To Improve?

Hicks has struggled with injuries in the past and has only recently come into his own as a hitter. But with the faith of the Yankees organization behind him and the chip on his shoulder from losing to the Red Sox last year, things are looking good in 2019 for Aaron Hicks.


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