The January Transfer Window


Across England’s Premier League, teams are thinking about the changes they need to make during the January transfer window. This time period is exactly what you might expect. The transfer window is a time when teams made trades, let players go, or pick up new players for their rosters.

This is a crucial time for every club. It’s the time to trim the fat and streamline rosters for the New Year. It’s the time to pick up new talent or fill in gaps that might have opened up at certain positions during the past season. January is the time to make deals with other clubs and get the rosters set. So no club wants to waste the opportunity.

Each club needs something different. For some, it’s a goalkeeper, others are in need of revamping their back line. The diverse needs and wants across the league make the January Transfer Window a nuanced dance between every club, each one trying to put together a better squad than last year’s.

But sometimes the best thing to do is keep things as they are. Let’s take a look at two clubs that appear to be content with the status quo. Man City and Liverpool, both top Premier League teams, look poised to make no major changes in this winter’s transfer window.

Manchester City

Man City looks strong as ever except for a couple of weak spots, namely left back and defensive midfield. Fernandinho is currently holding down the defensive role in the center of the midfield but at 33 he is getting on in years. As of now he is perfectly healthy but at that age each game takes a toll on him. He plays an extremely important role in the midfield, acting as the pivotal force that helps transition from defense to offense when the team goes on the attack.

The inevitable loss of Fernandinho is the coming year or two means that Man City is on the lookout for a replacement. But they may be more vulnerable at left back. Benjamin Mendy is out at the moment and won’t return to play until February. In the time being, the club has Fabian Delph and Oleksandr Zinchenko to fill in but neither is a first choice to play until February.

Surprisingly, Head Coach Guardiola, has stated that he won’t be adding any new players to his lineup. For the center midfield position, he has shown interest in Frenkie de Jong, from the Netherlands, but de Jong not yet open to the move. So Guardiola is waiting until the summer transfer window to make any big moves.


Liverpool is a team in quite a different position from Manchester City. For a while it looked as if Liverpool, like Man City, was content with their lineup and would abstain from making any moves in January. But injuries change everything.

Liverpool currently only has two center backs healthy enough to play. That being said, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip are slotted to return in early January. So it may not make sense to shake up the roster when the team’s two center backs are likely about to return. But can Liverpool wait that long without solid defenders? And what if Gomez and Matip don’t return on time?

Other changes that are possible for Liverpool are the departure of a couple players. Strikers Dominic Solanke and Divock Oriji could be pried away by other teams for the right price. Solanke wouldn’t be much of loss though as he hasn’t played at all this season.

As teams jockey for new players and look to reshape their rosters, fans of Manchester City and Liverpool can rest easy knowing their clubs are likely not to change all that much in the coming transfer window.


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