John Isner Off To A Bad Start Again


John Isner hasn’t had a great start to the season but that’s nothing to worry about. He’s the number one player from the U.S. and nobody seems too worried about him turning it around.


Going into the New York Open this week, he didn’t have a single win. But last season was much the same. Isner had only one win going into the Miami Open in March of 2018.

Isner really turned it around at the Miami Open. He ended up winning it and going on to qualify for the ATP World Tour Finals. He ended the year ranked number 10 in the world and spent some time ranked as high as eight.

John Isner is almost 34 years old now, but in an age when Roger Federer is still one of the best at age 37, Isner isn’t worried. He says he feels as healthy as ever. He’s now a husband and father and this seems to be helping his game. Instead of distracting from tennis, his new responsibilities have refocused him and helped him stay vigilant.

In the past, Isner has had trouble not sweating the small stuff. He was wont to obsess about his mistakes. But he’s looking at the bigger picture and he’s playing his best tennis ever.

New Perspective

Tennis is such a mental game, and Isner’s new perspective is helping him. He reminds himself that even Novak Djokovic falls in the rankings and many believe him to be the best there is.

Isner is an all-or-nothing type of player. He serves hard and plays fast on the court. If he’s on, he’s tough to beat, but if not, he’s likely to make mistakes and beat himself. This kind of game means that he isn’t the most consistent player.

Isner isn’t sure why he often gets off to a bad start but what’s important is that he usually is able to turn things around.


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