The Legacy Of Steph Curry


Steph Curry has solidified his play in NBA history as one of the great all-time players. He’s one of eight guys ever to win three NBA championships and get two MVP selections. The other seven players are synonymous with basketball legends: Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, LeBron James, and Bill Russell. Being a part of this list is a huge accomplishment for Curry.

But Curry is still very much going strong. At age 30 he appears to be in the prime of his career. He could potentially have five or six more years as a star in the league before his performance is likely to fall off. And with a team as good as the one he has around him, there are many accomplishments to be had during that time.

No one is surprised that Curry is likely to be a front-runner for the MVP again this season. And unless the Rockets can provide some better competition in the West this year and the Celtics or 76ers really step it up, the Warriors are likely to win yet another championship. The list of players who have won four titles and three MVPs is a lot shorter.

Some Argue Curry Is Not MVP Caliber  

Curry is a different player that some other NBA greats. He is not physically dominant like LeBron. He can’t bowl people over and charge his way to the hoop. He doesn’t control his team with the prominence of someone like Kobe. His skill set is subtler. Of course, there is his fantastic three-point shooting. Curry is an absolute knock down shooter from behind the arc. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in the first quarter or the fourth quarter of the finals. Curry is as clutch of a shooter as you can find.

Of course, Curry isn’t just a shooter. He has every tool in the book. He has amazing court vision and exceptional ball handling ability. But he also has a lot of help from the best supporting cast in the league. This is another reason why some think he isn’t the most “valuable” player in the NBA. With help from Draymond Green and Kevin Durant it’s hard not to have a dominant team. But it’s clear that the Warriors are Curry’s team. He’s the main ball handler and the main scorer. So while he has arguable the best team in the league around him, he’s still the driving force behind the Warrior’s success.

Curry’s Place In History 

Curry has changed the game of professional basketball in a new way. In a similar fashion to how Bill Russell revolutionized basketball from down low, Curry is changing the game from the perimeter. His range and ability to make space for his shot are making defenses adapt to how quick and agile he is. And generations of players may follow in his footsteps.

The other important aspect of Curry’s greatness is his selflessness. Curry was instrumental in getting Durant to sign with the Warriors. While other players may want all the glory for themselves, Curry is more interested in winning basketball games. When Durant joined Golden State, Curry had to take on a less dominant role for the team. Many players are not selfless enough or mature enough to make a move like this. And most players have not won three NBA titles. But it takes sacrifice to win. If anyone knows this, it’s Curry. And even with his sacrifice he’s still managed to get two MVP awards.

There may be some doubters out there, but when you look at Curry’s performance and his winning attitude, there’s no question that he is one of the NBA’s all-time great players.


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