Who Is In Line For The 2018 MVP Trophy?


Giannis Antetokuonmpo is certainly playing up to his potential this year. He’s been good in years’ past, but he’s never been able to carry a team like he is carrying this year’s Bucks. His long wingspan and incredible athletic ability have made him a force on the court for the Bucks this season. He’s a ball handler with the size of a big man. He can take the ball up to the hoop or receive it down low. Basically, he’s a nightmare for other teams to guard.

Can Antetokunmpo Really Take The MVP?

Giannis is having another great season. In fact, he’s been playing like a young LeBron James. Well, maybe not as polished as LeBron was. Giannis is still learning a midrange game but that is likely to come with time. The Bucks are one of the best teams in the East at the moment and if they are able to keep this up, Giannis has a good shot at the MVP trophy.

Steph Curry

 Watching the Warriors play without Curry is like watching Patriots without Brady. Golden State doesn’t look like themselves without Curry on the floor. They have no doubt suffered during his absence. Their recent performance is a testament to how important Curry is to the team.

Of course, Curry is a likely candidate to win the MVP. He is every single year. One advantage he has over someone like Antetokuonmpo is that Curry’s team is undoubtedly the best in the league. This means that Curry has time to show off his value in the playoffs and most likely in the finals.

If Antetokuonmpo wants to make a case for the MVP he is going to have to take his Bucks all the way this season.


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