Liverpool Keeper Sustains Concussion


For a while now athletes and coaches have been taking concussions more and more seriously. With advances in medical technology we better understand the severity of concussions. Gone are the days of playing on after an injury.

Concussions are most common in contact sports like football and hockey, but they happen in soccer as well. Unfortunately, keeper Loris Karius, who plays for Liverpool has indeed sustained a concussion. It happened in the Champions League final.

The famous goalkeeper was treated at Mass General Hospital in the USA. The team of doctors doing his consultation concluded through tests and scans that he certainly was concussed.

He exhibited typical signs of a concussion like confusion and difficulty with spatial awareness. It was not initially clear that he was concussed and kept playing. His medical team suspects that the concussion interfered with his play.

How Did The Injury Happen?

Karius was elbowed in the heat by Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. Fans and experts alike have since poured over the footage to figure out what happened. It appears that Ramos was pushed by a Liverpool player. But was the push strong enough to fling Ramos’s elbow into Karuis’s temple?

To add to the suspicion, Ramos is known around the league as a dirty player. In fact, in the same game, Ramos ran into Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. Salah was taken out of the game with an injured shoulder.

It’s no surprise that Liverpool fans and anyone who roots against Real Madrid are upset with Ramos’s play. Doctors expect Karius to make a full recovery in time. But the Champions League Final is lost. And the concussion seems to have played a major role.

Consequences of Karius’s Concussion

The medical team at Mass General came to the conclusion that Karius’s head injury affected his decisions later in the game. Not long after the collision with Ramos, Karius rolled the ball to a Real Madrid player which ended in an easy goal.

Liverpool ended up losing the game of course so giving away a practical own-goal, was the last thing they needed. Karius also gave up a goal from distance to Gareth Bale.

Liverpool lost the game 3-1.

Controversy Over The Injury

It seems obvious that Karius’s blunders were the result of his injury. But is there another explanation? After all, he went to Boston for his medical examination. Boston happens to the home base of the owners of the Liverpool team.

So, it is possible that in order to cover up the mistake of their goalkeeper, the team sent him to Boston get a trumped up medical report?

Well anything is possible, but it appears rather unlikely that the Liverpool management really went to all that trouble. Lots of people love a good conspiracy theory but usually the most basic explanation is the right one. It’s not hard to imagine that a goalkeeper might make a few mistakes after a brain injury.

Head Injuries

Assuming that Karius truly does have a head injury, and it’s almost certain that he truly does, it’s great that he is getting help from medical professionals. If head injuries go untreated they can get much worse. That being said, Karius did not come out of the game after the injury. It’s possible that he did not know he was concussed. The elbowing happened so quickly it’s probable that his coaches didn’t see it.

It’s easy to miss something like a quick hit to the head. But the awareness needs to be there within the soccer community to take these injuries seriously. After all, the main priority has to be the safety of the players.


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