A Look At The AFC East In 2018


For years now, New England has dominated the AFC East. But Brady is getting older and things are getting strained between the veteran quarterback and his head coach Bill Belichick. So perhaps this year it’s possible another team could end up on top of the division. Let’s see who has the best chance between the Bills, Dolphins and Jets.

The Buffalo Bills

The Bills may have some struggles on defense this year. First of all, the team’s track record is not very good. They are tied with the Lions for the worst team in terms of points allowed per game with 39. To make this even worse, opposing quarterbacks seem to do quite well against the Bills. The best in the league in fact, with an average QBR of 84.4. During Sunday’s game, the Bill’s elected to take play-calling duties away from Leslie Frazier, because the team was doing so poorly. With tough competition in the coming weeks it may be hard for Buffalo to turn things around.

The Miami Dolphins  

Coach Adam Case has been building his offense around his rookie quarterback Tannehill. The young quarterback has started the season well with a 104.9 passer rating, completing 72.5% of his passes. Tannehill has an incredible ability to find receivers and has a good group of guys to throw to. he may be what Miami has been looking for to bolster their offense and compete with New England.

The New York Jets  

The Jets played well on defense last week, causing seven turnovers. But don’t look for them to sustain this kind of performance. Their defensive line doesn’t appear to be strong enough to put much pressure on a disciplined offense like the Patriots. The Jets also need a better pass rush to throw opposing quarterbacks off their game.

Who Can Stack Up Against the Pats?  

It takes a lot to throw the Patriots off their offensive game. Perhaps the best answer is a strong offense. The Miami Dolphins look to have the best chance with their rookie Tannehill manning the helm, to rival Brady and his offensive machine. There are whispers that Brady is running out of steam and that Belichick doesn’t have the faith that he used to have in his star quarterback. But it may take more than a rookie quarterback and some less than perfect defenses to rival the champion of the AFC East.


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