NBA New Year’s Hopes


As we approach the end of another calendar year we take stock of how things went and what we hope for, for next year. With the NBA season close to halfway through, the New Year is a good time to take a look at the year as a whole. Many fans watch NBA games as a part of their Christmas celebration. Many watch on New Year’s as well.

And all across the country people are hoping for a good 2019 for their team. Let’s take a look at some predictions and some New Year’s wishes for the next year in basketball.

A Female Head Coach

It’s crazy that in 2018, we still don’t have a female head coach in the NBA. But we are certainly getting closer. The San Antonio Spurs have a female assistant coach in Becky Hammon and the Denver Nuggets have Sue Bird in their front office. But still no female head coaches.

The commissioner of the NBA, Adam Silver, says it shouldn’t be long before we see a female head coach. LeBron James has said publicly that he would love to play for any coach that knows basketball, male or female. There is growing support to see a woman in a head coaching position. It seems inevitable at this point. 2019 could well be the year it finally happens.

A Championship Run For the Bucks  

Milwaukee is looking good this year. They are arguably the strongest team in the East, with superstar Giannis Antentokounmpo and a solid starting five, including explosive point guard Eric Bledsoe, and small forward Kris Middleton. The Bucks have a good bench and now after really gelling as a team season have one of the better defenses in the league.

We have to go back to 1971 for the last time the Bucks won a championship. So the Milwaukee fans deserve it. And if it doesn’t happen this year, the Bucks may not have as good a shot next season. Besides Antentokounmpo, all the Bucks starters (Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez, and Brogden) all become free agents after this season. It’s unlikely that the franchise can hold on to all four of these players. So this year might be Milwaukee’s best shot at bringing home the title.

A New Home For Kevin Durant 

It’s probably time for Kevin Durant to find a new home. After years of being part of Curry’s Warriors, we may see Durant strike out on his own in an attempt to show that he can run his own team. It’s quite possible that the Warriors come away with a third-straight NBA title this year, which begs the question: what does Durant have left to prove by playing for Golden State? Everyone outside the Bay Area would like to see the Warriors’ “big three” break up and Durant go somewhere new. Maybe in the New Year, Durant can come around to the same mindset.

Zion Williamson’s New Team  

Top college prospect, Zion Williamson, has been one of the most talked about college players in years. He’s already been slated as a likely rookie of the year candidate. He’s being projected to be an NBA star before he’s even stepped foot on a professional court.

This kind of talk means that many teams around the league want to sign the young star for the 2019 season. Williamson is likely to end up on a struggling team with a high draft pick, probably number one. Wherever Zion ends up, he surely can be a positive force for any NBA team, with his quick handle and superb finishing skills at the rim.

It’s impossible to say what the New Year holds for the NBA but it is certain to be another great year of basketball.


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