The NBA’s Strongest Man

They say basketball is not a contact sport. And it certainly isn’t compared to football or hockey. But that doesn’t mean that players don’t get physical. Nowadays, the NBA is especially physical with fewer calls being made in the low post and hand checks being allowed as a matter of routine.

Size and strength have always matter in basketball, but in the modern game, these attributes matter even more. And while there isn’t an actual competition to decide who is the strongest man in the NBA, there is a general consensus that the title should go to Steven Adams, center for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Players around the league, when interviewed, have agreed that no one is stronger than Adams. He is something of brick wall in the low post. And while the game is getting more physical, at the same time we are seeing more outside shooting and data-driven spacing of the court.

Adams brings a different sort of energy to the floor. He’s an overpowering force and can play well with his back to the basket. He can back players down and muscle guys out of his way.

It’s no surprise that Adams can move guys out of his way. He weighs in at 270 pounds and stands an even seven feet tall. His shoe size is 19. If ever there was an imposing player, Steven Adams is it. Before games in OKC, Adams can be heard thundering down the tunnel and out into the arena – an intimidating factor for opposing teams.

Adams has the respect of big men around the league, as not just a tank but a guy that knows basketball. He has a talent for setting screens, using his size to help his teammates get open. Adams is truly one of a kind a big part of OKC’s success.

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