New Home for the Miami Open


For over 30 years the Miami Open was played in Key Biscayne at Crandon Park. It was a picturesque location with a small-scale stadium. Now the Miami Open has had a bit of a shake-up.

The Open is now being played at Hard Rock Stadium, where the Miami Dolphins play. This is a big move from the quaint venue in Key Biscayne. The stadium had to be modified to accommodate the tennis tournament.

When the Dolphins play, there are often 65,000 fans in attendance. But tennis is a not the type of game that can be watched from the nosebleeds. Instead, they’ve constructed a viewing area of about 13,000 seats around center court. For other matches, a sort of tennis park has been set up outside the stadium with 30 courts for official play. This is a big jump from previous years. There are more practice courts as well, with 18.


Outside the stadium is a giant screen measuring 90 x 40 feet, for fans who couldn’t get tickets to go inside.

Other Attractions

This year’s Miami Open is more accommodating to fans but not just because of increased capacity and outdoor viewing options. The 2019 Miami Open features an art tent, exhibiting artwork from some of the most famous artists from around the world, including Pablo Picasso. There are also fine dining options, live bands, and DJs to entertain fans in between matches.

This new Miami Open may look nothing like the tournaments of the past. The new attractions may bring in a more modern crowd. But traditional tennis fans may miss the days of Key Biscayne. That’s a trade-off that the organizers seem willing to make. This year’s Miami Open may be able to make much more money than the ones in years past.

But whether you’re a fan of the new Miami Open or not, you can still enjoy some high-quality tennis.

Is the Miami Open becoming too modern?


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