A New L.A. Mogul


LeBron James has been a different kind of player from the start. Coming straight out of high school he was an immediate star, even in his rookie season. That was back in 2003. Now in the tail end of 2018, there is no doubt that LeBron has revolutionized the game of basketball.

But LeBron is not only a one-of-a-kind player. His accomplishments off the courts set him apart from any athlete we’ve seen before. He has leveraged his basketball career into something much more. He has his hand in media, entertainment, sports apparel and franchises, and much more.

LeBron’s Move to L.A.  

LeBron’s decision to sign with the Lakers had as much to do with basketball as it did with setting himself up for life after basketball. LeBron is already busy with non-basketball ventures. He received a $15.8 million investment from Time Warner to set up The Uninterrupted, a media company that puts together stories about athletes told from the point of view of the athletes themselves.

LeBron also has an entertainment company, called Springhill, that is getting ready to put out a sequel to Space Jam.

So being in L.A. makes perfect sense for the superstar. It’s where he needs to be to make the most of his connections to propel himself forward in the many fields he’s getting into.

A Different Kind Of Athlete  

We’ve seen athletes become activists and make big changes in their communities before. But we’ve never seen something on the scale of LeBron and his activities. The exciting thing about him is that he isn’t just making money, he’s doing what he can to provide for those without it. Among other charitable ventures, LeBron started a foundation called, I Promise Schools, based in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

With his rising power and monumental funds, there’s no telling what LeBron can accomplish. He may even be ushering in a new era of athletes who leverage their celebrity and wealth to really create lasting change in our country. Even if LeBron proves to be one-of-a-kind and we never see the likes of him again, his impact may well last for decades to come.


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