NFL Rankings After Week Three


Heading into week four, how is your team looking? No doubt there has been some ups and downs for every team out there. Let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about it all. Instead of looking at what teams are doing well, we’re going to focus more on what they need to improve on, as weaknesses can take a season to overcome, while strengths can be early season luck.

Who Do We Rank Number 1?

The Los Angeles Rams are 3-0 after the first three weeks of the regular season. They share this honor with only two other teams: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins. So if there are so good, what is their weakness? So far they’ve been weak in their defensive line and pass rush. They’ve allowed five yards per carry on average in the first three games. This ranks 27th overall in the NFL. The Rams may be winning based on offense or perhaps on missed opportunities by opposing teams so far, but without an improvement from their defensive linemen and linebackers, they may be facing some dilemmas later in the season when teams are finding their rhythms.

The second team on our list is the next 3-0 team, the Kansas City Chiefs. They are clearly doing something special on offense because their defense, like the Rams, leaves something to be desired. They have given up a staggering 92 points so far this season. In just three games! This may have to change if the Chiefs are going to continue this winning streak. Offensive production is a must-have of course, but it can only get you so far against the best competition in the world.

Who is our number three? It’s not the other 3-0 team as you might have guessed. Coming in at number three is the Philadelphia Eagles. With a record of 2-1 the Eagle are tied with many teams around the league. They may have won two games already, but they have a lot to work on. They rank 25th in the NFL in terms of scoring a touchdown or field goal on a given drive. They score the football only about 29 percent of the time. Unlike the first two teams on our list, the Eagles have been making it happen on defense. But just like the high scorers we mentioned above, playing only one side of the football does not typically win championships.

Who Has Come Out Last?  

We’re sorry to say that the Arizona Cardinals have attained the 32 spot on our list. They have yet to win a game and have moved the ball very poorly on offence. They’ve only managed to move 571 yards thus far this season. To find another team that performed that poorly in the beginning of the season we have to go back to the Raiders in 2006.

But it is early days yet. Anything can happen in week four not to mention the rest of the season.


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