Number One Prospect Kayvon Thibodeaux


Every high school athlete’s dream is to get recruited to play in college. But the recruitment process is a little bit weirder than you might expect. While most high school kids are busy texting their friends, Kayvon Thibodeaux, is fielding texts from college coaches from across the country.

Thibodeaux has been ranked as the number one college prospect in the nation. From Los Angeles, he plays defensive end, stands at six foot five, and weighs in at 234 pounds. This guy is a force. With that kind of build he is no doubt ready for college football.

And his mindset couldn’t be more mature. He’s handled the pressure and his rise to fame with the poise of a much older player. Thibodeaux says he doesn’t really see himself as the number one ranked prospect and he doesn’t define himself as a star football player. In his own words, he’s just a kid from L.A. who is a talented defensive end.

Thibodeaux Is Not The Average High-Schooler

Like many high school kids, Thibodeaux plays football and hangs out with his friends after school. He’s a big fan of the video game, Madden. But he’s no good at it, always opting to control the defensive end. Anyone who’s played the game before knows that this is not a good strategy.

You might expect that being a big-time football player that Thibodeaux is into Madden. But you might not expect that he is incredibly intellectually driven. You can catch him talking football sometimes, but off the field he is more likely to be discussing history, politics, or issues in his community.

On college visits, Thibodeaux checks out the football facilities but also the college library. He’s always interested in seeing which books each college has in its archive and what he might be interested in studying should he choose a particular school.

Thibodeaux’s Philosophy

Thibodeaux may be a young kid, not even out of high school yet, but he has some big ideas about the change he wants to see in the world. He looks up to LeBron and the way he’s given back to his community in starting schools and giving kids opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Thibodeaux is thinking beyond football and considering what kind of impact his success and fame could potentially have. He recognizes that very few people can lift themselves out of poverty through professional sports. And he himself has to be lucky enough to avoid injury in the next few years in order to do so.

So Thibodeaux is already looking ahead to his career after football. He has thought of entering politics or going to law school, both paths in life that he could use to help his community and give kids chances to grow and succeed outside of sports.

That being said, Thibodeaux fully intends to play college football and make it to the NFL. After all, he’s the number one ranked prospect in the country. That’s an opportunity that Thibodeaux intends to make the most of.

Thibodeaux’s Work Ethic

Based on the recommendations of his trainer, Thibodeaux has what it takes to be something truly special. Thibodeaux has been training with Travelle Gaines, who typically only works with professional athletes. But Gaines saw something in Thibodeaux. Gaines agreed to work with the young prospect and Thibodeaux proved he was worth it by driving two hours each morning to Gaines’ facility to train.

According to Gaines, Thibodeaux has the mind of a great player. He’s smart and dedicated to his craft. And his build doesn’t hurt either. There’s no doubt that Thibodeaux’s name gets thrown around more and we see something special from this kid in the coming years.


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