Odell Beckham Jr. Turns 26


Turning 26 years old is not usually a momentous occasion. It’s not one of the special ones like 21 or 30. But Odell Beckham Jr. turning 26 has gotten some people talking. Fans who are passionate about their sport love to compare their heroes to other greats. And OBJ can be compared to the best of the best.

But not only can we compare OBJ to other NFL greats, we can go a step further. OBJ is outshining previous NFL stars when they were his age.

Beckham has a touchdowns-per-game rate of 0.73. The only players who at age 26 had better rates are Randy Moss at 0.75, Jerry Rice at 0.88, and Lance Allworth at 0.91. That’s not bad company to keep. Beckham has also logged 5,209 receiving yards so far in his career. This just happens to be about 1,000 yards ahead of Rice at the same time in his career. And the astounding thing is that Rice is the all time leading receiver in NFL history.

Can OBJ Keep It Up? 

Beckham has had an incredible start to his career. He is on his way to breaking some records. But he still has a long way to go before he can come close to breaking Rice’s record for receiving yards. Beckham can’t compete for Rice’s record unless he consistently has 1,000-yard seasons and players well into his upper 30s.

According to recent data, receivers often hit their stride in their mid to late 20s. So these next couple seasons could be very important for Beckham in terms of leaving his legacy on the game.

This season OBJ is on pace to hit about 1,500 yards. A season like that could help a lot in chasing Rice. But it’s early days yet and so much can happen over the course of a player’s whole career.


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