Patrick Chung Supports Kid With Cancer


Professional athletes have the opportunity to inspire us. They often do with their play on the field. Veteran safety Patrick Chung of the New England Patriots certainly has in his many seasons in the NFL. But it’s not every player that can inspire us off the field.

But that’s exactly what Patrick Chung did when he met Jack Berry. Jack is a 10-year-old from Missoula, Montana. He was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma. His family came all the way from Montana so he could receive treatment in the Boston area.

Chung Was Won Over

The Berry family drove up to Foxborough for the Patriot’s training camp. Patrick Chung was on the sidelines signing autographs when he met young Jack. Chung learned of Jack’s story and gave him his gloves. In return, Jack gave him a wristband. The band said “Jack Strong.” Jack’s family had them made to support him throughout his treatment.

Chung was moved by Jack’s positive attitude and fearlessness in the face of his cancer. Chung asked Jack to sign the wristband for him, a gesture that meant the world to Jack and the Berry family.

Chung promised Jack that he wouldn’t take the wristband off until it snaps. When the Patriots took the field against the Redskins for their first preseason game, Jack and his family were watching from a luxury box. Jack looked down on the field and saw that Chung was indeed wearing the wristband.

It was very special for Jack to see Chung wearing his wristband because he’s heard promises from people before who haven’t followed through. Chung has really shown his character in supporting Jack.

Jack’s Future

Jack is undergoing treatment and the family is hopeful that he will recover. He reported that he’s been feeling better. Perhaps it has something to do with a famous football player taking an interest and pledging his support.

The Patriots followed Chung’s lead and also got involved. Jack got to meet head coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots cheerleaders as well.

The family is anticipating being in the Boston area until the spring when Jack may have surgery on his leg. Jack is grateful to have the support of the Patriots during his long road to recovery. Patrick Chung has started something powerful with his reaching out to Jack. The Patriots are with him all the way and wish him the best as he goes through his treatments.


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