Possible New NBA “Superteam” For 2018


The 2017/18 NBA season ended in yet another clash between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors. For the fourth year in a row these two teams have gone head to head for the championship. This time Steph Curry and the Warriors were victorious over a disappointed Cleveland team, championed by LeBron James.

There may not be any basketball being played this summer but that does not mean that teams are lying dormant. Everyone around the league is trying to figure out just how to compete against Golden State. With Steph Curry bringing the ball up they arguably have the best point guard in the league. Kevin Durant, standing at an imposing 6’ 9”, is a threat the second he crosses half court. Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala both provide muscle and an imposing presence on the court. The Warriors no doubt have the deepest team in basketball.

While Cleveland has met Golden State in the finals the past four years, they have walked away the victors only once. And this past year they lost in four straight games. The Warriors seem to be too much even for the great LeBron James. They have been heralded as a “Superteam” of All-Star quality and it’s hard to argue otherwise. Cleveland and any other team vying for the championship is going to have to figure out a way to build a roster able to rival the likes of Curry, Durant, Green, and Iguodala.

Should LeBron Stay In Cleveland?

LeBron gets a lot of attention of course. And many are tired of hearing about him. But the man has brought his team to the finals eight years in a row. First, four times with the Miami Heat and now four time with the Cavs. So which team James is on seems to automatically be a contender for the NBA title.

LeBron has not had the best of luck in his last two finals appearances, losing 4-1 and 4-0 to Golden State. The general consensus is that although he had some support from Kevin Love and others, he was the driving force behind his team’s most recent finals run. Without LeBron, it is doubtful that Cleveland would have made it to the finals and perhaps would have fallen in the first or second round to the Raptors or Celtics.

With a resume like LeBron there options are endless. But does the star have the desire to leave his native Cleveland? We all remember the fanfare over his last decision to move to Miami in 2010. With eight more years of experience no one is expecting the drama that played out that summer. But it is possible that James will cut his contract with his home team short and move to a club more suited for victory.

There have been murmurs that he is interested in the Lakers. The LA team has been subpar for the last few seasons and would certainly jump at the chance to sign the star. But it’s also possible that Cleveland may seek to acquire another big name to fill out their roster and give James the support he needs to win in 2019.

Who Might Cleveland Sign?

James if perhaps the most versatile player ever to play the game. He has legendary range from beyond the arch, he can drive better than anyone, and has a post game that the best centers in the NBA have difficulty defending. That being said, if a team can get him off his game, or shut him down even a little bit, they have a good shot of pulling off a win because Cleveland has no one else to turn to.

The Cavs need another scoring threat to balance out their offence. There has been some talk that Paul George, recent transplant to Oklahoma City, might provide that threat. But after a good season with Russell Westbrook and the Thunder this seems unlikely. The other name being thrown around as a possible new teammate for James is Kawhi Leonard.

Leonard is a shooting guard/small forward for the San Antonio Spurs. This past season he’s averaged 16 points with almost five rebounds and two assists per game. He would be a nice addition to the Cavs’ backcourt. But Leonard is a hot commodity and there’s a chance he will sign with the Lakers. A move like that could persuade LeBron to jump ship and move to LA. If this happens if could be the start of something special for the Lakers.


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