Prospects For New NFL Coaches


It’s a new NFL season and that means new coaches. This season there are seven new coaches:Matt Patricia,Mike Vrabel, Pat Shurmur, Steve Wilks, Jon Gruden,Matt Nagy, and Frank Reich. The interesting thing is that none of these seven new coaches won their first game. This is a very rare way to start the season. Since 1970 there have only been three other times that all the new coaches have lost their first game.

So what’s going on? Let’s take a look at the new guys on the sidelines, and which of them have a good chance of winning game two.

Matt Nagy Of The Chicago Bears 

Matt Nagy looks like he has the best chance of winning of all seven of the new coaches. He almost won last week against Green Bay. If it wasn’t for Aaron Roger’s astounding fourth quarter performance, it is likely that the Bears could be 1-0 right now. Couple that with another week of practice for newcomers to the team Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith, and the Bears could be looking good on Monday night. It also doesn’t hurt that their opponent this week, the Seattle Sea hawks, are a team that made a lot of recent moves and are still very much settling in.

Mike Vrabel Of The Tennessee Titans  

This week the Titans play the Houston Texans. With a few key players out on defense the Titans may have to call on some other guys to step it up to put pressure on Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. If Watson gets too much time in the pocket the Titans could be looking towards another loss. But Jurrell Casey, the Titan star defensive tackle, has to come through for the team and collapse the offensive line around Watson. No doubt defensive coordinator Dean Pees has some ideas about ways to throw off the Texans offense. Whether he draws up some new creative blitz strategies or throws some different looks at Watson, the Texans are sure to see some pressure on offense. 

Up For Grabs 

Nagy and Vrabel may have the best shot at taking home a win this week but you never know what might happen on any given day. It’s always exciting to see how new coaches navigate football at the highest level. These new seven of course have experience but it’s a whole other story coaching in the NFL.


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