Reactions To New NFL Safety Rules


One of the big topics for this upcoming season is safety. The NFL has new rules about how players are allowed to make hits. They’ve even banned the use of certain helmets. Players and fans alike have a variety of reactions to these new rules.

There are two basic schools of thought. The first is that football is a dangerous game and making these new rules will not help. The second is that if football can be made safer then everyone wins.

Opposition To The New Rules

Some players are okay with the new rules but simply wish that the league had consulted them first. Now many players have to switch helmets after using the same one for years. This is because lab tests have shown that some helmets are not as safe and provide less protection against concussions. Using a new helmet could be a big adjustment for some players. Some players resent the fact that they no longer get to choose their own helmets.

Many players and fans feel that football has a long tradition in our country. It has always been a violent sport and there’s nothing wrong with that. Players know what they are getting into when they sign up.

In Favor Of The New Rules

Other players recognize that in order for football to continue, it has to change. Americans by and large are not okay with the rate at which players are getting concussions. We’ve seen a drop in recent years in enrollment in youth football programs. This is largely due to the fact that parents no longer think the game is safe for their kids to play.

Those in favor of the new rules applaud the NFL in taking steps to preserve the sport for future generations.

How Might Football Progress?

Football began as a violent game and it still is. Whether we alter the rules more in the future or repeal some of the more safety conscious ones, the game won’t lose its danger. The question really becomes whether or not football can endure in a modern age in which we know more about head injuries. If we keep on seeing a decline in numbers of kids signing up to play youth football, eventually we won’t have an NFL. The league certainly finds itself in a predicament.

But perhaps these new safety rules are a step in the right direction.


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