Super Bowl Front Runners In 2018


It’s only mid season but it’s never too early to start thinking about the Super Bowl. Football is an unpredictable sport, like any, but there are certainly some things we can learn from the first half of the season.

There are a few teams that have set themselves apart as teams that have a clear shot of making playoff runs are making it to the Super Bowl. It can be dangerous to make predictions this early but the best part of the being a fan is thinking ahead and envisioning your team going the distance.

So which teams are we looking at to take the league by storm? Well, there are some obvious answers and some teams that may take us by surprise. That’s the beauty of the sport. A football team can be radically changed by an injury of a key player mid season.

Baring injuries, there are many other factors that can change over the course of a season. Coaches are constantly figuring things out each game. New offensive and defensive schemes are developed and put into practice. A team can look entirely different from week one to week 16.

Who Are The Super Bowl Favorites?  

it seems that every year the New England Patriots have a shot at the title. This year is no different. Bellichick is as good at ever at play-calling and orchestrating wins. Brady is potentially in his last year and he this may only make him more motivated. He still has a good team around him as well. If Gronkowski is able to stay healthy, the Pats may be tough to stop.

But Drew Brees is still looking strong in his later years. He is playing as well as ever. And with the combination of Brees and Michael Thomas, the Saints wide receiver may be even more deadly than Brady and Gronk. In any case, look for the Patriots and the Saints to be front runners for this year’s Super Bowl.


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