Technology in Sports


The world of sports is changing. As our lives become increasingly high-tech and modern, the equipment we use in athletics is changing too.

Companies in the sports industry are keeping up with our transforming world. New products and ways of training are constantly being invented and reinvented. We now have technology to help motivated us to exercise, to track our progress, and even to show us how to improve.

Smart Workouts

We’ve lived in a world of smart phones and smart cars and even smart refrigerators for a while now. So why not smart workouts? Fitbits and other tracking devices worn as watches or clips to track our daily activity are common now. With these technologies it’s easy to see how many steps you’ve taken in a day. You can even give yourself reminders to drink water.

But there are some new technologies coming out that may radicalize the way we work out even more.

Running Robots

A running robot is just how it sounds. It’s a small machine that runs next to you during your workout. It’s kind of like running with a dog on a leash. The robot tracks your activity and measures everything you’re body is doing from your posture to how your feet are falling on the ground.

After your workout you can the robot tells you how you can improve. You will see a map on the screen of your pace and progress. The robot will give you tips and strategies for how to have better posture, how do run more efficiently next time, and so on. The running robot is a high-tech companion for our future runners.

Running Shoes

If it’s too futuristic to run with a robot it’s good to know that they are making big advances in running shoes as well. Not only are the materials getting stronger and safer, there are now running shoes with smart technology.

Like the running robots, smart shoes can track you while you run. They can also give you information about your posture, how your feet hit the ground, and the impact absorbed through your shoes and up through your body. All this information can make you a healthier runner and ultimately a healthier person.

Sports and Fashion

For a while now we’ve been seeing the intersection of sports and fashion. We want to look fashionable while we work out and we want to be comfortable even when we’re not in the gym. The new trend that gives us exactly the kind of athletic clothing we are looking for is customization.

This new trend is happening mainly with footwear. Instead of just buying Nike’s newest shoe, you can now have your shoe personalized. You start by taking scans of your feet. This ensures that your shoes will fit you perfectly. No more trying on sizes in the store! Next you can choose your design. Everything from the color to the arch support system is customizable. So you end up with a shoe that you’ve mixed and matched according to your preferences and fitted exactly to your feet.

Insect Protein Bars

This next trend could be considered a little gross but it is supposedly very healthy. Athletes are always looking for great sources of protein. Believe it or not insects are a good option. The bars come in the form of a typical sports bar but as advertised, insects are on the ingredient list. It’s possible that this trend may never catch on. But if running robots are in our future, perhaps dining on insects is too.

Sports in The Future

We can’t know what our sports will look like in the future. This is why it is so fun to guess. It’s possible that we may all be running along side a mechanical friend. Or maybe, as is getting popular is some cities, we could start using apps to find running partners or joining workout groups online.

Each year it seems we are gathering more and more information about ourselves. We know all our measurements, how many steps we are taking, even the number of stairs we climb day to day. As with many trends, it remains to be seen whether all this tracking is here to stay. We may not be eating insects in the future but it wouldn’t surprise me if data collection has a long life in the world of sports.


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