Thanksgiving Day Football


In the world of sports, Thanksgiving means football. This year we had three games to watch throughout our day of eating. In the morning we had the pleasure of seeing the Lions take on the Bears. The afternoon brought Dallas and Washington, and in the evening game we saw the Saints and Falcons.

Thanksgiving brought us three different games, as well as three very different matchups and outcomes. Let’s break down what happened and relive the highlights.

The Lions And Bears  

The Lions have showed once again that they are only consistent in their inconsistency. All season they have found different ways to disappoint their fans. Sometimes it’s defense, sometimes offense, and sometime special teams. Today it was a few key mistakes that the Bears capitalized on.

The big mistake in today’s Thanksgiving game was Matt Stafford’s lazy pass picked off by Bears’ safety Eddie Jackson. Jackson read Stafford like a book as he flew in from the flat to intercept the quarterback’s pass. Jackson had no one to beat with the ball in his hands and ran in for the easy touchdown.

This fourth quarter score sealed the deal for the Bears, who closed out the game 23-16. Stafford is certainly kicking himself for the bad pass but Jackson should be given credit. He’s now returned five interceptions for touchdowns this season. He’s a big reason the Bears are in the midst of a five-game win streak and have a three-game lead in the NFC North.

If Jackson’s performance with the football isn’t enough, readers might want to check out his touchdown celebration after the score.

Washington and Dallas  

Washington’s loss to Dallas, 31-23, brings the two teams together as they are now tied for first in the NFC East. Each with a record of 6-5, the NFC East is certainly not the strongest division. Washington has lost three of its last four games and is certainly not looking like a playoff contender. Their running game has suffered and it seems that Adrian Peterson isn’t making the necessary difference. Of defense they miss tackles all over the place and their pass coverage has too many holes.

Dallas, on the other hand, showed some promise in today’s game. While starting the season at 3-5 they have now won three straight games, turning a disappointing start to an above .500 season. Dallas looked solid on offense today and seems buoyed by the win streak. They may be tied with Washington at the moment but if today’s game was any indicator of who is actually at the top of the NFC East, we can expect Dallas to win the division.

The Saints and Falcons  

The last game of the day was not the most competitive. Matt Ryan just didn’t have it today. If he wasn’t underthrowing receivers he was overthrowing them or getting picked off. The Falcons couldn’t seem to hold onto the ball. They were plagued not just by interceptions but fumbles and dropped passes as well.

And of course Drew Brees looked as good as ever. He was hitting his targets and cool in the pocket like always. Perhaps his most impressive pass of the day was to tight end Dan Arnold who stretched out over a Falcons’ defender to catch the ball in the end zone.

The Saints ended up winning 31-17 over the Falcons. This brings their record to 10-1. They are now tied with the Rams for the best record in the NFL. The Rams are looking solid as well, so the Saints may have to keep up their winning streak for the rest of the season if they want to stay on top.

It was another great day of football this Thanksgiving, especially for Chicago, Dallas, and New Orleans.


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