Titans’ Playoff Chances


The Tennessee Titans’ hopes of making the playoffs seem to be dwindling. This week’s loss to the Texans have made things pretty bleak for the Tennessee team. Before their 34-17 loss, experts gave the Titans a 40% chance of making the playoffs. But now with a record of 5-6 the Titans are given only a 13% chance of getting to the postseason.

Tennessee is a team that plays with tenacity. Head coach and former Patriot linebacker, Mike Vrabel, is a coach that puts it on the line. He’s known for going for it on fourth down and this week’s game against the Texans was no different. Vrabel called a risky play on Houston’s three-yard line on fourth and one when his team was down 14-10. But the handoff to tight end Luke Stocker didn’t pay off. He was stuffed and the Titans didn’t score.

Tennessee did go on to score another touchdown, but their defense was not strong enough to make it matter. In fact, the very next play after Stocker was stopped, Houston handed the ball off to running back Lamar Miller, who proceeded to break through the Tennessee defensive line and make Swiss cheese of the Titans’ secondary. Millar sped down the field, covering 97 yards and scoring the touchdown.

The Titans were hoping to get a turnover and good field position off of a Texans punt. The Titans’ defense has been their redeeming feature this season but really let them down on this play.

An Epic Turn Of Events  

The missed goal line stand and subsequent 97-yard touchdown run by the Texans not only broke the game wide open but potentially nixed the Titans’ playoff chances. Now at 5-6 it might take a heroic effort for the Titans to come back from this.

It just goes to show that things can change so easily in football. In two plays, the Titans went from decent playoff chances to a very steep uphill climb into the postseason.


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