TJ Dillashaw’s Legendary Weight Cut


UFC fighter TJ Dillashaw has just undergone one of the most impressive weight cuts known in the sport. 12 weeks ago, Dillashaw weighed 154 pounds and had only eight percent body fat. At the time, Dillashaw was the bantamweight champion. But now, 29 pounds lighter, Dillashaw has made weight for the flyweight title against Henry Cejudo.

Losing 29 pounds when you only have eight percent body fat seems humanly impossible and probably quite dangerous. But Dillashaw did so with the help of his trainer, Sam Calavitta, a former aerospace engineer who used an algorithm to help Dillashaw achieve his weight loss goal.

Over the past few weeks, while Dillashaw was losing weight, and especially in the run-up to the weigh-in before the fight, Dillashaw has received a lot of questions regarding his weigh loss.

Of course, many were doubtful that he could lose so much weight in such a short amount of time. But when it came time for the weigh-in, the day before the fight, Dillashaw stepped on the scale and was only 124.6 pounds. Dillashaw smiled and remarked that he had proved everyone wrong. He certainly did.

How Did He Do It?  

Dillashaw’s trainer, Sam Calavitta, made sure that Dillashaw cut weight in a safe way, keeping him on a strict regimen. Dillashaw did plenty of cardio, which is to be expected, but used some more unusual methods of weight loss as well.

Calavitta had Dillashaw use an infrared sauna that he had put into the garage in his Orange County home. Dillashaw also took a whole host of supplements that helped him lose weight.

Besides the sauna and the supplements, Dillashaw did what you might expect, doing strenuous workouts of lifting weights, using stretchy bands, and medicine balls. All these methods seem to have combined to be very successful for Dillashaw. He was able to lose about two and a half pounds per weeks, roughly 10 pounds a month. Anyone who has tried to lose weight can attest that this is no easy feat. It goes without saying that Dillashaw had an incredibly healthy diet during his 12 weeks of weight loss.

Dillashaw’s Career 

Dillashaw has had a good career for sure. He has 16 wins and only three losses. During his three losses he’s had one knockout, zero submissions, and two decisions. In his 16 wins, he’s had eight knockouts, three submissions, and five decisions. There’s no wonder he’s the bantamweight champion.

But can Dillashaw compete at the same level as a flyweight? The first question to ask is why, when Dillashaw was having so much success as a bantamweight, does he want to change weight classes, especially when it required such a drastic and quick weight loss. The easiest way to explain why Dillashaw has gone through the weight loss in the past three months is that being a champion in more than one weight class is incredibly hard to do. Already having achieved the highest level possible in the bantamweight class, Dillashaw is on to a new challenge.

But it is anyone’s guess how Dillashaw might perform in a new weight class. He has completely changed his body. He has to get used to his new weight and how he moves in the octagon as a new fighter. Because that is essentially what he is becoming: a new fighter.

Losing 29 pounds is an adjustment for anyone but for someone who uses their body so physically, such as a fighter, it can be a jarring thing to get used to. Dillashaw may now be lighter on his feet and he may have less power behind his punches and kicks. These are all things that take getting used to. But Dillashaw seems to have more dedication than anyone so he can surly figure out his new frame.


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