Tom Brady Reaches 500 TD Passes


On Thursday night Tom Brady became the third quarterback in NFL history to throw 500 touchdown passes. In the fourth quarter, Brady threw a pass to wide receiver Josh Gordon to join Brett Fravre and Peyton Manning as the only quarterbacks to make it to 500.

Farvre is next in line with 508 while Peyton has 539 touchdown passes. While Peyton may remain out of reach for at least this season, Farvre may well become fall to third place. Brady is no doubt getting older, but he is tenacious as ever and playing well for the Patriots.

Brady is set apart from his cohort of quarterbacks in many ways. But now he has a new achievement. He is the only quarterback of the top three to throw 500 touchdown passes for the same team. Brady has spent his entire storied career in New England.

Everyone is talking about Brady getting to 500, but that is not the only record he set on Thursday night. He has now thrown touchdown passes to more receivers than anyone else. Before Thursday he was tied with Vinny Testaverde. But now, after completing three more passes he’s throws touchdown passes to 71 different receivers.

The fact that Brady has connected with such a range of different players is a testament to his ability to work with practically anybody. Pats fans remember how well Brady and Randy Moss worked together. Moss caught countless passes from Brady during his time with the Pats. But Brady has an uncanny ability to spread the ball around. He can make the offense work no matter who is out there running routes.

What If We Include The Playoffs?  

When we look at stats we typically only include the regular season. If we look at the playoffs as well it’s almost unfair. Brady has played in so many playoff games and performed so well that his numbers skyrocket when the postseason is added into the counting.

Before Thursday night, Brady had thrown 568 touchdown passes if we include the playoffs. That’s compared to Manning’s 579. Brady is a few off from his old rival. But Brady is still playing. He still has time to catch up. And if we know one thing, it’s that Tom Brady doesn’t miss out on the playoffs.

One of the keys to Brady’s success is his workout routine and diet. He takes incredible care of his body. This is how he has been able to stay in the league so long. Well, that and an offense line who protects him. It’s amazing to think that Brady’s first touchdown pass was way back in 2001 to Terry Glenn. That feels like a lifetime ago to Patriot’s fans.

17 years later, Brady is still going strong. Setting this new record may give him the momentum he needs to carry through another season at age 41. But perhaps he’s had the momentum all along.


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