Top Players in Trouble for Upcoming Clay Season


The clay season is just heating up. We have a ways to go before we get to the finale of the French Open. Many of the top players in the world have opted in for another season on clay but a few of them are not at their strongest. You’d think that Nadal, Federer, and Williams could all be favorites to have the most wins by the end of the clay season. But each of them has some issues that could get in the way.


Nadal’s Chronic Injuries

Nadal is known in the tennis world as the King of Clay, but as he gets older his issues with injuries are only getting worse. He recently had to withdraw from the Indian Wells tournament do to tendonitis in his knee. If Nadal can stay healthy, there’s no question he can have success this season and a shot at winning his 12th French Open.

William’s Comeback

After having a baby, Serena Williams has been slow to get back to her old self. She’s dealt with either injury or illness each time she’s stepped on the court in 2019. She’s another one who should be a lock to come out on top at the end of the clay season but who’s to say if she can be healthy or not.

Federer Taking a Chance on Clay

Federer hasn’t played on clay since 2016. He’s taken the past two seasons off presumably to give himself a rest. He isn’t as sharp on clay so it’s the natural choice for an offseason. Now he wants to keep his momentum going as he attempts to keep his game strong as he approaches 40. He himself admits that he hasn’t hit a ball on clay in so long he’s worried about how he might fair.

These three champions may have some difficulties this clay season but all three are tough competitors and are likely to pull through and impress us once again.


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