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It may be the offseason but that doesn’t mean exciting things aren’t happening in the NFL. The 2019 draft is right around the corner and there are some exciting new prospects this year. Among them is wide receiver DK Metcalf. Metcalf has risen to fame recently with a post he made on Twitter. It’s a picture of him in the weight room. He has his shirt off for all to see his one-point-nine-percent-body-fat body.


Of course fans on Twitter took notice. But football coaches did too. It’s not everyday that they see a college player at six foot three weighing in at 225 pounds. Metcalf is built like a tank but it’s what he can do with his physique that has NFL coaches paying attention.

Who is DK Metcalf?

Metcalf has been a superb athlete all his life. And it’s so surprise. He has the genes for it. His dad played offensive line for the Chicago Bears and introduced DK to weightlifting at an early age. DK remembers his dad coming home from practice and the two of them hitting the home gym together. It’s not too common for a young kid to start lifting weights and DK’s dad had to take some precautions to keep his son safe. But starting him young seems to have paid off.

Metcalf was a three-sport athlete in high school, playing basketball and running track in addition to football. Metcalf played on his varsity team all four years before attending college. He had offers to play at division one schools all over the country but he chose to follow in his dad’s footsteps and go to Old Miss. As Metcalf grew up in Mississippi, it wasn’t a difficult decision for him.

College Career

Metcalf played well for Old Miss but he didn’t have much of a shot to leave a legacy at the school. He only played part of his freshman season due to a foot injury. The next year he fractured his neck and missed more games. But instead of sticking around to finish college, Metcalf decided to enter the NFL draft. A lot of people thought this was a mistake after missing so much of his first two seasons in college. But at this point it’s clear that DK made the right choice.

The NFL Combine

Metcalf was outstanding in the 40-yard dash, the vertical jump, and the broad jump. He was in the 90+ percentile for all three. He had coaches turning their heads to wonder who just walked on the field. Some experts put him in the top 25 draft picks this year. And don’t be surprised if he goes higher than that.

There were a few areas where Metcalf didn’t perform as well. He had trouble with the cone drill and the 20-yard shuffle. But he performed both these tasks at the end of the combine when he was already tired. And given the chance to try them again, well rested, he improved. So while his agility may not be as impressive as his sheer athletic ability, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

DK in the NFL

DK has the makings of an amazing pro player. But there’s a big difference between an amazing athlete and an amazing NFL football player. There’s a lot he has to learn. He’s only played two partial years in college. So he might be a bit behind on the strategic side of the game. But if he can make up for it with his athletic ability he shouldn’t have any problems. Even if it takes DK a couple seasons to feel comfortable in the NFL, the team who lands him is sure to have a monster of a wide receiver.


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