Trials And Tribulations Of Being A Sports Fan


Being a sports fan can be hard. Especially if you have the misfortune of living in city whose teams just don’t seem to win. It can be hard enough going through the ups and downs of a season, but it’s even worse when your team just doesn’t seem to have a shot at winning in the least. Take the Red Sox for example. From 1918 until 2004, Boston didn’t win a single World Series. Year after year fans turned out and remained hopeful that each year could be the year that the famous curse was broken.

And finally, the Boston fans were rewarded. It may have taken the Red Sox 86 years to win another World Series, but they did have some opportunities along the way. They had many good playoff runs and even a few World Series appearances even though they didn’t bring home the title.

But some fans don’t even have opportunities to root for their teams in the playoffs or have hopes of making it to the World Series or championship. Let’s take a long at some of longest suffering fan bases in all of sports.

First, The NBA

If you’re looking for a team that doesn’t produce, look no further than the Sacramento Kings. The Kings moved to Sacramento in 1985 and in all the years they’ve been there, haven’t won a championship. But it gets worse than that. The Kings last playoff appearance was in 2006 making them the NBA team with the longest playoff drought. If you’re wondering when the last time the kings won a playoff series was, you have to go back even further to 2004. But we’re not done with the misery yet.

The Kings are one of many teams in California. They’ve had to witness the Lakers and all their glory in the Kobe and Shaq days and then again when Pao Gasol joined the team. Then there’s the modern day behemoth of the Golden State Warriors who can’t seem to lose. Even the Clippers make the Kings look bad. Let’s face it, if you’re a basketball fan in California, it’s hard to be from Sacramento.

On To Baseball 

The San Diego Padres are among the saddest of teams in sports. Like the Sacramento Kings, they too have not made the playoffs since 2006. But when was the last time they won a playoff series? Padres fans have to go back to 1998 for that one. That means that the younger San Diegans can’t remember much good that their team has brought their sunny city.

The Padres have made it to the World Series twice but of course they lost both times. The first was against the Tigers in 1984. In that series they managed to win one game before Detroit put them out of their misery. The other time was in 1998 when they got swept by the Yankees. The make matters worse, just like the Kings, Padre fans have had to watch the Dodgers consistently make the playoffs and the Giants win two World Series. San Diego seems to be another difficult city to be a sports fan in. 

Who’s At The Bottom Of The NFL?

You guessed it. The Cleveland Browns. The Browns have had so little success as a franchise that their team is regarded as somewhat of a joke. Somehow they managed to pull off 0-16 season last year. But are we really surprised? The Browns haven’t made the playoffs since 2002. You have to all the way back to 1964 when the Browns last won a championship. But hey, at least they won one.

But things could be looking up for the Browns this year. With rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield now on the team, they may have the chance to actually build something. So far they are 1-1-1 this season. Not a great start but at least we know they can’t go 0-16 again.

Alright, Now Let’s Do Hockey

The Florida Panthers were an expansion team in 1993 and impressively made it to the Stanley Cup just three years later in 1996.  But fans have only been disappointed since then as they have yet to win a playoff series since. Making it worse, they’ve only actually been to the playoffs four times. Unfortunately for Panther fans, they have to watch the Lightning, their Florida rival, continually make the playoffs as they lose again and again.

But Don’t Give Up! 

If we’ve learned anything from the Red Sox, it’s that droughts don’t last forever. You may have to wait decades to see your team win but the nature of sports is to change. The same teams simply can’t stay on top forever. So if you’re at the bottom of the heap now, give eighty years and you never know, you could have something to celebrate.


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