Update On The NFL National Anthem Controversy


The debate over whether players have to stand for the national anthem rages on. The NFL has not been able to come to an agreement with players since Colin Kapaernick took his famous stand in 2016.

Kapaernick was the first player to kneel during the national anthem. He did so to protest police violence against minorities. After the 2016 season, Kapaernick’s contract was up and he was not signed by any team. Two years later he is still yet to be signed. The general consensus is that no team wants to get involved in the controversy.

After Kapaernick’s initial protest, players around the league began joining him in kneeling during the national anthem before games. Team owners around the league have had different responses. Some want their players to stand, some support them, and some have no comment at all.

Donald Trump has made his position clear that he feels the players should stand. The NFL has felt pressure from the government to make the players fall in line.

A few months ago, owners across the league got together to discuss the issue. They came to the conclusion that players who didn’t want to stand for the anthem could stay in the locker room during the song. Players who chose to do so would not receive negative consequences.

This was supposed to be a middle ground between players who wished to protest and those who were offended by people not standing for the anthem. The issue has not been resolved. This in between solution will not hold forever.

New Developments This Week

This week the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones, came out against players who wish to protest. He said that his players are mandated to be on the field and standing during the national anthem.

This is creating waves because it goes against the policy the league decided on that players could wait in the locker room if they did not want to stand for the anthem. Now the Cowboys players will have to decide whether or not to defy their owner, even if they are in accordance with league policy.

Jerry Jones’s comment opens the door for other owners to make rules of their own. The NFL needs to step in and support the players. After all, football is about the men that actually play the sport, not the men who pull the strings in the front office.


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