An Update On Sports Betting In America


Just a few months ago, it became legal to bet on sports in America. Gambling is not permitted in many states so it was a controversial decision to make betting on sports legal. After a few months of betting being allowed, gamblers are noticing some problems.

Concerns For Gamblers

An interesting trend has emerged since sports betting became legal. The most successful players have started to be banned from placing bets. This is no surprise to folks from the UK where betting on sports has been legal for years. It’s common practice there to ban the best players from placing bets.

From the perspective of the bookmakers this makes perfect business sense. Why would they permit people to place bets if they know they might lose money?

This line of thinking follows traditional gambling practices at casinos. Casinos reserve the right to refuse service to any of their customers. Of course, the people who lose out are the winner. They are more than happy to let the losers play and play.

The Complaints About William Hill

William Hill is one of the biggest gambling houses in the country. Founded in London in 1934, they finally obtained a Nevada gambling license in 2012. Since then they’ve expanded to serve approximately 100,000 patrons. They have more than one hundred locations on and around the Vegas Strip.

Most of William Hill’s customers place only small wagers and so are not as risk of being banned. But several of their more successful, big spenders have been banned from play.

This practice of banning the big winners begs the question of whether sports betting is ethical and a good thing for the public. Of course bookmakers want to make money but putting limits on how much gamblers can make, makes a disadvantageous activity even more so.

Larger Impacts For The Public

This may not seem like a big issue if it only affects those who are placing and winning large bets. But in England, gamblers have seen this practice trickle down to small-time players.

Sports betting has only just become legal in the United States and already we are seeing big winners being outlawed from play. So, it seems it may only be a matter of time before smaller fish are banned as well.

Who’s to say how far sports betting might go in America? It’s early days yet but things are not off to a good start.


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