What’s New For Derek Jeter?


The beloved Yankees shortstop is now, of course, retired. He’s always been known as a man of great character with a strong work ethic. And perhaps most importantly, he remained unshakable throughout his career. His numbers remained remarkable consistent. In the regular season he hit a career average of about .310. Hitting steadily over the .300 mark makes him one of the greats but what is perhaps more remarkable is that his numbers didn’t waver in the post season. His average in the playoffs never dropped more than a few percentage points.

Teammates remember him preparing the same way for games in October that he did for games in May. He was a hard worker, someone who practiced the way he played, and that hasn’t changed. As the new owner of the Miami Marlins, fans have big expectations for the ex-ballplayer. But if anyone is up to the task it is Jeter.

Jeter’s New Role

He realized very quickly that being an owner means taking on a lot more than simply playing the game. In the opening game of the 2018 season he found out he had to deal with the worry of kicking things off on time and without a hitch. The pregame performer, DJ Khalid was running late. As a part-time owner and chief executive officer, making sure things run smoothly and on time is one of Jeter’s roles.

Jeter says he has two main goals for his new position. The first is to build the Marlins into a baseball powerhouse that can be competitive for years to come. This means growing the fan base and bringing in more money as well as making sure the farm system is producing worthwhile talent.

His second goal is a personal one. He has no experience in the corporate world. He’s a baseball player by trade and so now has to prove that he can make it as an administrator behind the scenes.

Jeter may only be a five percent owner of the team, but he is 100% devoted to his goals. Since becoming an owner, he has moved his family to Miami and works round the clock to get his job done right.

Why Not Just Retire And Relax?

Over his storied career, Jeter has earned hundreds of millions of dollars. He could easily take that money and retire, enjoy some time on the gold coarse or travel anywhere he wanted. But that’s not Jeter. Ever since he was a young player he’s been learning about the organizational side of baseball. He’s someone who sees the bigger picture and wants to contribute on a macro level.

When asked about his decision to become an owner he describes his desire to build something. He wants more than to help individual players or a particular set of guys like a coach or manager does. Jeter has his mind set on creating an organization that can thrive for years to come. He may have his work cut out for him but if his career as an owner is anything like his career as a player, we can expect great success for the future.


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